Keukenhof Flower Garden near Amsterdam

Visit Keukenhof and witness over 7 million flowers in full bloom!

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The Keukenhof Flower Garden is a magnificent springtime exhibition of Dutch bulbs, flowers and plants. With 32 hectares and 15 kilometres of footpaths, this beautiful spring park offers flower shows, themed gardens, artworks, restaurants, boat trips and fun activities for children.

Keukenhof has a different theme every year. 2013 was United Kingdom – Land of Great Gardens. 2014 brought the theme back to home roots with Holland – Canal Houses. In 2015, Keukenhof celebrates the Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh, 125 years after his death. The main highlight will be an elaborate recreation of one of Van Gogh’s self portraits, consisting of thousands of tulips.


Buy your ticket in advance! You may have to wait in a long queue if you decide to buy your tickets at one of the special bus departure points.

Timing is key. Although the park is open for two months, the flowers are not necessarily in full bloom for the entire Keukenhof season. The best time to go to Keukenhof is mid­April, when spring is expected to be at its peak.

Get ready to post your selfie live from the gardens, as free wifi is available throughout the entire park!

Date and Time

Keukenhof park 2016 is open for two months during tulip season in the Netherlands, from 24 March to 16 May. Opening hours are from 08:00 to 19:30, while the ticket office is open from 08:00 to 18:00.

There are also special events planned for the following dates:

  • Keukenhof Garden Exhibition28 ­ 29 March: Weekend of the marching bands
  • 3 ­ 6 April: Dutch Heritage Weekend
  • 11 ­ 12 April: Vriendinnen Dagen (Girlfriend’s days)
  • 17 ­ 19 April: Keukenhof Flower Market
  • 25 April: Flower Parade
  • 27 April: Kings Day at Keukenhof
  • 29 April ­ 3 May: Keukenhof Art Square
  • 2 ­ 3 May: Family weekend
  • 9 ­ 10 May: Romance at Keukenhof
  • 14 ­ 17 May: Shanty choirs festival 20


The Keukenhof gardens are one of the most visited locations in the world. In approximately 2 months more than 1 million people visit the Keukenhof. We recommend going to the Keukenhof gardens buying your tickets in advance.

If you want to visit the Keukenhof with transportation and guide this is the best Keukenhof gardens tour.

Ticket Price
Adults (including 65+) €16.00
Children (aged 0 to 3) Free
Children (aged 4 to 11) €8.00
Groups (20 ­ 200 people) €13.50
Adult combi ticket: entrance and return bus from Amsterdam €28.50
Adult combi ticket: entrance and return bus from Schiphol, Leiden or Haarlem €23.50
Children (aged 4 to 11) combi ticket: entrance and return bus from Amsterdam, Schiphol, Leiden or Haarlem €12.50
Park guide €5.00
Parking cars €6.00

Location and Directions

Keukenhof Garden ExhibitionKeukenhof is located in the town Lisse, which is about halfway between Amsterdam and the Hague.

Those driving to the gardens can reach Keukenhof via motorways A4 (exit Nieuw­Vennep) and A44 (exit 3, Lisse). Signposts are clearly marked, and the park offers many parking spaces.

Public transport to Keukenhof is also readily available, with direct return buses available from the train stations at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (bus line 858), Leiden (854) and Haarlem (850). It is recommended to buy a combi ticket, where you will get entrance to the gardens in addition to a return bus trip.

Keukenhof offers great wheelchair access and many disabled toilet facilities.

Want more?

Watch the official promotional video for Keukenhof 2015, and visit for further information on planning your trip.


Keukenhof Flower Garden near Amsterdam
Keukenhof Flower Garden
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