Amsterdam Metro

Metro in Amsterdam is relatively new (1977) and while it is 26 miles long and has 52 stations, only when the construction of the new North-South Line led under the Ij Lake and under The Old Town will be completed, Metro will become the main mean of public transportation in the city. As for now, Metro in Amsterdam is more a city transit rail system, additional to far larger tram, fast tram and bus nets. Most of the existing four Amsterdam Metro lines go on the surface, with only a small section (ca 2,2 miles - 3,5 km) led under the Old City center.

Traveling by Amsterdam Metro

amsterdam metro transportMetro in Amsterdam is a fast way (43 mph - 70 km/h) of getting to the new areas of the city distant from the center as Amsterdam South East (Dutch: Zuid Oost, with Amsterdam Ajax ArenA stadium, Amsterdam ArenA Boulevard and Ikea), districts Reigerbos and Gein, Sloterdijk, Gaasperplas, Amsterdam New South (Dutch: Nieuw Zuid with Amstelveen, Buitenveldert, RAI Conference Center, Amsterdam WTC) and Westwijk. Several stations as Amstel station, Sloterdijk and Amsterdam Zuid - WTC share the station with trains and may further connect you with Amsterdam Schiphol Airport as well as the whole of the Netherlands.

Tickets to Amsterdam Metro - OV-card

The same chip-card called OV-card is in use in the whole of Amsterdam public transport system. There are different types of this card, some of them made especially for visitors and valid just for 24 hours or 2 and 3 days. The one trip chip card is valid only for one hour and it is the least economical solution, as it costs € 2.80. More about different OV-cards on

Amsterdam Metro Map

amsterdam metro mapOur map shows existing four lines of Amsterdam Metro. As a rule names of the stations of the Amsterdam Metro include nearby point of interest. However it may well happen, as in the case of Amstelveen, that the Metro station is located far from center of this elegant Amsterdam suburb. Planning your trip inquire about eventual further connections with bus and tram lines. The best public transport information is to find online via the website

Lines and operating hours of the Amsterdam Metro

Public transport in Amsterdam operates from 6 A.M. until midnight. However, you must remember that some Metro trains will end their run before midnight, while other will reach some distant suburb stations as late as 1 A.M.

There are four lines of Amsterdam Metro: 50 (Ring Line), 51 (Amstel Line), 53 and 54 (Oostlijn - includes Gein Line, Gaasperplas Line). The new line 52 (Noord-Zuid Line) presently under construction, will be completed coming years. Three of the existing lines begin their run in front of the Central Station, where two large Metro entries are marked sharp red.

Please note, that because of the works on the expansion of Amsterdam Metro in the autumn of 2013 in the evenings, the connection between Central Station and Amstel Station will be replaced by busses. Please consult the website for the updated information.

Tips for using Amsterdam Metro

- While you may quickly get by the Metro from the Central Station to Waterlooplein, it is not suitable for the communication in the whole center of Amsterdam.
- Do not forget to Chip-In at the beginning of your journey. If caught without a valid OV-card, you will be fined € 38. Try to remember that you should Chip-Out when ending the trip. If you forget, with some of the OV-cards you will be charged € 4 from your card. You may Chip-In and Chip-Out at the gate to the station or on the platform (the pole marked yellow with a green round sensor - Metro line 51).