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Free market on Queensday

Queensday market AmsterdamOn the Queen's Day, starting early in morning (as early as 6 a.m.) in all cities and villages of the Netherlands almost everybody tries to do his own garage sale, selling objects at low, symbolic prices, mostly for 20, 50 cents, and rarely above € 1,-.

It is in the tradition to bargain about the price when buying. Sometimes, especially when children are the sellers, the buyer raises the price – for example from 50 cents to 60, refusing to buy for less. Funny, reversed negotiating starts, where often the seller is ready to give away the merchandise free, while you are expected to refuse to lower your offer. This all is part of fun on this unique day, especially for children who make their first turnover usually selling their old toys.

The best market areas are Vondelpark, where children are selling and buying (Kindermarkt) and shows and concerts for children take place and the Jordan quarter. Last years Apollolaan, a wide street in front of the Hilton hotel in the South Amsterdam, with its vast grass areas used for picnic, became also very popular.

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