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Illustrated city Amsterdam Cityboek is an Amsterdam based publisher specializing in architecture. Since the first publication of the best-selling Amsterdam Canal Guide in 1978, the list of Cityboek publications has grown to include postcards, greeting cards, posters as well as books.

The original publication, the Amsterdam Canal Guide is a 365 page paperback featuring illustrations of all the 3000 buildings lining Amsterdams four major canals. Each building is has a short textual description, to view the buildings on the opposite side of the canal the reader turns the book upside-down.

More recent publications include De Herengracht, The Canal Belt in Color ( 164 pp). Thirty meters of lavish hand-colored illustrations take the reader on an armchair tour of Amsterdam's gentlemen canal, each building is accompanyied by a short textual description.

Cityboek souvenirsFor the the last few years - under the motto The Illustrated City - Cityboek has been exploring the use of the drawings in non-book forms. Envisioned is a complete range of practical household and office articles decorated with the canal houses; crockery, linen, public relations gifts, toys, souvenirs, wall-tiles, wrapping paper, clothing, shower curtains, including duvet bed cover on which all the canal houses lining the Singel are printed in full-color.

Don't miss this unique place in Amsterdam to buy a valuable souvenir.

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