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Stop/Go Bus Amsterdam

!!! Since 1 January 2011, the Stop/Go bus has stopped its service !!!

Bus AmsterdamThe Stop and Go bus (previously called Opstapper) is a unique Amsterdam idea - a mini-bus which slowly rides through the Old City centre and stops on demand. Amsterdam centre is crowded and while streets are wide enough for only one car, even a taxi will not be much faster. The Stop/Go runs from Monday to Sunday; 9 am - 5.30 pm, each twelve minutes.

The Stop/Go bus route
Sharp blue color mini-bus rides along the Prinsengracht (the widest of the canal rings in the old Amsterdam centre) to Waterlooplein and back on the other side of the Prinsegracht direction Oosterdok and the new Public Library.

The Stop/Go bus has only three permanent stops – on the: Waterelooplein (in front of the City Hall/Muziektheater building), at the Main Entry (Hoofdingang) of the Central Station and in front of the Amsterdam new Public Library on Oosterdok. Here is the map with Stop/Go bus route.

Change of the route
Amsterdam BusIf the bus runs against the street blockage (often in Amsterdam, moste taking long time truck deliveries) Stop/Go bus may change its route and take the side streets to move forward. It will be back on Prinsengracht after passing the blockage.

Stops on demand
Stop/Go bus can be stopped as a taxi - it will stop for you on demand at any place on its route. When you see it coming, just wave your hand to the driver. Since you step in the bus, you may ask the driver to stop where you wish.

The ticket
You may buy the ticket from the driver, for only € 1,- ; it is valid one hour, also on another trip by Stop/Go bus (the initial time will be stamped on the ticket). You may also use the public transport ticket (strippenkart) – the driver will stamp one zone (two stripes) for you.

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