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What's On in April 2014

Amsterdam is a city that always has something going on. From music festivals to museum exhibits, theatre nights to street parties, you can be guaranteed to find something on the horizon that will be fun to visit during your trip to the city. This section lists the events to look out for this month. For more regular events, our Annual Events page lists the major festivals and holidays that come around every year in Amsterdam.

The Rise of Populism – Melkweg Gallery, 02 April – 04 May
As part of the international conference, The Future Is Not What It Used To Be, photographers Dirk-Jan Visser and Jan-Joseph Stok present a documentary photographic exhibition focused on the increasing success of right wing and populist politicians throughout Europe. From the Netherlands’ own Geert Wilders and France’s Marine le Pen, all the way up to Russian bear Vladimir Putin, The Rise of Populism gives the viewer an idea of the contemporary political and social landscape in Europe, and an insight into the complexity of the concept of populism. Entrance to this exhibition is free.

Art of Another Kind – Cobra Museum, 05 April – 31 August
An exciting new exhibition from Amsterdam’s acclaimed Cobra Museum of Modern Art, this collection of works is drawn mostly from those that were exhibited in the Guggenheim Museum in New York during its opening in 1959. Some of the famous artists included in this exhibit are Bourgeois, Capogrossi, De Kooning, Mathieu, Pollock and Rothko, while works by Cobra artists such as Appel, Alechijnsky and Jorn sit side-by-side. Tickets for this exhibition can be purchased at the door.

Roller Derby – Sportpark de Weeren 1, 06 April
A fast-paced aggressive team sport centred around roller skates, beer and bad-ass players, Amsterdam’s roller derby scene is one of the city’s more fun sport movements. On Sunday 06 April, the All Stars of the Amsterdam Derby Dames, who won the Dutch Championship in December 2013, face off against Eindhoven’s Rockcity Rollers, the nation’s number 2 team, for the main game. The warm-up game is between Amsterdam’s B-Team, the B.ADD Girls, and Breda’s Suck City Rock ’n Roller Dolls. The atmosphere at roller derby games is always electric and an after party will be announced at the end of the second game.

Anne Frank – De Meervaart, 12 April
Most visitors to Amsterdam have at least a passing knowledge of the story of Anne Frank, the young Jewish girl who hid from the Nazis while writing her now world-famous diary. However, not many will have seen the story told through the medium of interpretive flamenco dance. Now is the chance to correct this, with Spanish flamenco star Maria Juncal bringing her unique interpretation of the story to Amsterdam’s Meervaart theatre. As if this wasn’t enough, music will be provided in the form of Yiddish and gypsy folk tunes performed live by a seven-piece ensemble. Ticket are available through the theatre’s website.

Chinese National Circus: Shanghai Nights – Amsterdam RAI Theatre, 18-20 April
The Chinese National Circus, with its feats of acrobatics and balance carried out by over 50 performers, comes to the RAI Theatre in Amsterdam this month to present a show based on the past and future of China, and Shanghai in particular. Shanghai, also known as The Paris of the Orient, has always been a blending of east and west in Chinese culture, and the performances at this show reflect that. Tickets can be booked through the theatre website, and can be arranged to include a meal in the theatre restaurant.

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