Get ready for a spicy striptease dinner

Amsterdam striptease dinnerYou have chosen Amsterdam to celebrate the bachelor party of one of your best friend. That means you are ready to have lots of fun! The city is full of unique experiences always delivered with the best service you can ever imagine. For one of your nights in the city, enjoy a nice dinner while watching a professional stripper dancing just for you.

In the heart of Amsterdam, in the very famous Red Light District, come with your friends and the future groom to a very warm and sexy restaurant. In a private area of the place enjoy a delicious steak dinner while being delightfully entertained by a professional super hot stripper. Definitively the best way to make the stag enjoy the last moments of his single life.

Ladies, you fancy the same thing? No worries, this is also possible. Some hot male strippers are willing to undress to please your eyes. Let’s have fun and be ready for a spicy evening!

Book this Amsterdam striptease dinner online (at least 24 hours in advance). This striptease dinner is available for groups from 8 up to 20 people.