IKISSTHEWORLDiKISSTHEWORLD is a multimedia exhibition by the Dutch artist Martha Van Der Bly and the London West-End photographer Simon Annand about love, travelling and the love for travelling. We photograph ‘kissing couples’ all over the world. But behind this journey around the world, there is a hidden narrative: the story of the global city. Driven by globalization, the global city now encompasses the whole world can be found - almost literally. Hidden behind known identities, gradually a shared identity is revealed, a global identity of common humanity: the universal soul.

iKISSTHEWORLD is a mesmerizing personal visual exploration of transformative identity in the Global Age through imaginative triptychs and seductive short stories.

About the Artists

Martha Van Der Bly is an actress and sociologist. She trained as an actress in Ireland and at the Actors Centre London and performed on stage in London, Dublin and Amsterdam. She holds a cum laude MA in Sociology of the University of Groningen and a PhD. in Sociology of Trinity College Dublin.

Simon Annand is a theatre photographer in and around all West End theatres in London, including the National Theatre. His photo compilation ‘The Half’ is part of the travelling exhibition of the Department of Theatre and Performance of the world famous Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

15 May - 3 September 2014
Central Library Amsterdam
Oosterdokskade 143, 1011 Amsterdam

Contact: info@marthavanderbly.com