Amsterdam excursions, tours and daytrips

If you have four or more days, try to get out and explore some of the surrounding cities near Amsterdam. The distances are short and the train makes for easy day trips.

Here you can see a list of many day trips from Amsterdam.


a smaller, quainter version of Amsterdam with the most impressive cathedral in the Netherlands as its centerpiece. Just near Haarlem is Zandvoort, home to the best beaches in the Netherlands.

Cheese and wooden shoes factory

De Simonehoeve is a farm where Gouda cheese is being produced. They will reveal all details about cheese making. Thereafter they show the process of making clogs (or wooden shoes). You may want to taste all the 9 different kinds of cheeses (with a bit of mustard) accompanied by a locally produced berry fruit wine. Interesting for young and old. Open all days of the week.

Authentic Dutch countryside

It's not just Amsterdam which provides a good reason for a trip to the Netherlands. Explore the Dutch country side in an organized trip around the country. See the coast line, beaches, beautiful nature and extensive woods.

Storm surge barrier ( 200 km from Amsterdam)

The crown on this giant flood-control project is the barrier dam that stretches 1.75 miles across the three channels of the Eastern Schelde. This dam consists of several strings of gates and their massive supporting piers which, in normal weather, allow tidal seawaters to ebb and flow in the Eastern Schelde estuary, thus benefiting the fish and bird life and the local fisheries. During a severe storm however, like the one in 1953 which flooded most of southwestern Holland with a death toll of 1835, the gates can be dropped to keep out the high tides and storm surges and prevent them from inundating the adjacent lowlands. Just an hour and a half driving distance from Amsterdam this is an absolute recommend for those interested in water management.

Efteling theme park

A theme park about ferry tales and midgets with lots of attractions. The best rides found in The Netherlands.

The Hague, Madurodam

Madurodam: a miniature village that containing everything quintessentially Netherlands. There's lots of little buildings, people, airplanes and more. Almost every Dutch landmark building has been reproduced on a miniature scale.

Scheveningen pier and Sea aquarium

On the beach of Scheveningen is the famous beach pier. It stretches out into the sea about 200 meters. One can have a refreshing drink or excellent food after a relaxing day at the beach. Available in summer.

Volendam, a fisher village

Volendam was once flourishing Dutch fisher village. It's flag flew at half-mast when the Zuider Zee was enclosed in 1932, cutting off access to the sea. The village's enterprise was soon applied by creating a theme park from it's historic features. Locals are still dressed in their traditional costumes and are happy to make pictures of you, dressed up in traditional costume.