Alphabetical index

Please note, this index includes adult keywords like red light and cofeeshops.


Accommodation - List of accommodation in Amsterdam
Amstelpark - A park in the suburb of Buitenvelder.
Amstelveen - Town south of Amsterdam.
Amsterdamse Bos - extensive park south-west of Amsterdam.
Amsterdam - The capital of The Netherlads, city of tolerance and culture.
Amsterdam School of Architecture - Expressive architecture style.
Airport - Amsterdam international airport Schiphol
Albert Cuypmarkt - Best-known outdoors market.
Anne Frank House - Museum house, hiding place of Anne Frank.
Apartments - Great selection of holiday and long-term apartments.
Architecture - Europe's foremost architecture and design city.
Art galleries - Contemporary art galleries.


Basic facts - Basic data, population, time zone.
Beaches - Amsterdam has four beaches.
Bed and breakfast - Private accommodations.
Begijnhof - Enclosed courtyard from the early 14th century.
Bicycles - In Amsterdam the only quick way is by bicycle.
Bike rentals - A number of companies offer bicycle rentals.
Bijenkorf - A department store in the center, features a parking place.
Books - Books about Amsterdam to buy.
Bookshops - Amsterdam is the city of books.
Bosmuseum - Forest museum in the park Amsterdamse Bos.
Brothels in Amsterdam - A service of Red Light District.
Bulldog - A coffeeshop network.


Car rental in Amsterdam - Popular car rental providers.
Camping in Amsterdam - List of campsites.
Canals - four main canals are Prinsengracht, Herengracht, Keizersgracht and Singel.
Central Station - The arrival point to Amsterdam.
Cinema - movies are screen in their original language.
Coffeeshops in Amsterdam - Where soft drugs are openly sold to the visitors over 18y.
Condom shop Het Gulden Vlies - This shop is a kingdom of condoms.
Conferences - Events, congress and conference service.
Conservatorium of Amsterdam - Part of the Amsterdam School of the Arts.
Coster diamonds - Free diamond tours.
Culture - Amsterdam, city of culture.
CV - How to write a Dutch resume.


Dam square - the most centra square at Damrak.
Diamonds - explore diamond tours and buy a stone.
Dolphins, the - A coffeeshop at Kerkstraat.
Driving in Amsterdam - Why is not recommended.


Employment - information on getting job.
Entertaiment - culture, nightlife and more.
Events - festivals and culture.
Escorts - companions and massage.
Excursions - Tours and excursions.


Filmmuseum - A film museum in Vondelpark.
Flights - Cheap flights to Amsterdam.
Flowermarket - Flower and bulbs.
Frankendael - A park south of Plantage.


Galleries - Art galleries, mostly contemporary.
Gouda cheese - Visit a cheese producing farm.
Graffiti - Street art in Amsterdam.


Hard Rock cafe - The world wide franchise.
Health - Pharmacies, clinics and doctors.
Het Houten Huis - The oldest house in Amsterdam.
Het Schip - Museum of Amsterdam School of Architecture.
Holland - Popular name for the Netherlands.
Hollandsche Schouwburg - Jewish memorial place.
Hotels in Amsterdam - Hotels with online reservation.
Hostels in Amsterdam - Youth hostels and budget hotels.
Houseboat museum - Real boat converted to the museum.


Jewellery - Buy gold and diamonds.
Jewish historical museum - Jewish history, religion and culture.
Jewish Amsterdam - Kosher restaurants and sites of interest.


Kalvertoren - Shopping mall on Kalverstraat, Amsterdam city centre.
Kosher restaurants - Selected kosher restaurants.


Leidseplein - Lively square in the centre.
Little - A coffeeshop at Vijzelgracht.


Mac bike Amsterdam - Popular bike rentals
Magere Brug - Romantic wooden bridge over Amstel.
Magna Plaza - Shopping mall in the centre of Amsterdam.
Map of Amsterdam - Street map to print.
Maritime Museum - Museum with real-size ships.
Melkweg, De - Mecca of music.
Metro Amsterdam - Map of underground to print.
Museum Amstelkring - 17th century house with hide-away catholic church.
Music - Classic and modern music.
Muziektheater - Music theater, opera house.


Netherlands Maritime Museum - Maritime museum with real-size ships.
Night buses - Run after midnight.


Openbare Bibliotheek - Public library in Amsterdam


Paradiso - Modern music and culture venue.
Pass - Free entrance to museums, free public transport, discounts.
Parking in Amsterdam - General tips and prices.
Parks - There are over 30 parks in Amsterdam.
Pijp, de - Relaxing neighbourhood near the centre.
Pharmacies in Amsterdam - For medicine.
Population of Amsterdam - Currently some 735,000.
Prostitution in Holland - Legal and taxed.


Queens day - The wildest street party is on 30 April.


RAI Amsterdam - Conferences and exhibitions.
Rembrandtplein - Square with bars in the city centre.
Red Light District - The central Amsterdam area shining in red by nights.
Real estate - apartments for long term rental.
Rent a car - A list of car hire providers in Amsterdam.
Rookies, the - A coffeeshop near Leidseplein.
Royal Palace - Still occasionally used by the Queen.


Sarphatipark - A park in de Pijp.
Scheepvaartmuseum - The Maritime Museum.
School of the Arts - Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten
Sex - Prostitution and escorts are legal in the Red Light Discrict
Smart shops - Smart products and mushrooms.
Shuttle - Book a shuttle transportation.
Strippenkaart - Transport on buses, trams and metro lines.
Studying in Amsterdam - Schools and student life.
Stedelijk museum - The municipal museum.
Supermarkets in Amsterdam - List of groceries.


Taxi service - Book a taxi.
Tatanka - A smart shop close to Leidseplein.
Telephone - How to call in Amsterdam.
Train tickets - How to use the train ticket machines.
Tuschinski - A cinema near to Rembrandtsplein.


Universities in Amsterdam - List of universities and hogescholen.
University of Amsterdam - Alma mater.


Verzetsmuseum - Dutch Resistance Museum.
Vondelpark - The most fabulous park in Holland.
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam - Free University Amsterdam


Windmills - There are 8 preserved windmills in Amsterdam.
Westerpark - A park west of city center.
Work - Getting work in Amsterdam.
WTC - World Trade Center.