City of Amsterdam

City of Amsterdam is run by the city council and a college of aldermen. The council is the highest authority in the city of Amsterdam and is responsible for all important decisions. Among other responsibilities, the council sets the city's annual budget.

There are 45 seats on the council, which are contested by the various political parties. Council members are elected every 4 years by residents of the city of Amsterdam.

The city government issues the policy for several issues:

  • Public order & safety
  • Drugs
  • The homeless
  • Economic policy
  • Sport in Amsterdam
  • Cultural policy

To find out more on Amsterdam Municipality visit the City of Amsterdam Online at

The official site of the city of Amsterdam includes arts, entertainment, travel, tourism and government information.


  • Amsterdam Housing Information Centre ( -> Housing)
  • Amsterdam Tourist Board: +31-(0)900-4004040.
  • City Information Center: +31-(0)20-6241111