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This established at the end of the 18th C. medical collection of pathological specimens, anomalous embryos, odd skulls and bones is used until today by the Faculty of Medicine students of the University of Amsterdam. Called after the name of its originators, 18th and 19th century anatomy professors from Amsterdam, Museum Vrolik is today one of the few museums of its kind in the world.

Museum Vrolik exhibits

Museum Vrolik Displaycase

The museum started with the private collection of embryos and anatomical abnormalities, put together by the Gerardus Vrolik (1755-1859), one of the most important Dutch scientist of its times, member of notable group of scientists called The Dutch Mathematicians (Hollandse Scheikundigen), professor of anatomy, owner of Drakenburg castle. His son Willem Vrolik (1801-1863), professor of anatomy, physiology and zoology in Amsterdam, a scientist of European reputation, a devoted Christian and a Lutheran deacon, continued the collection. After the death of Willem Vrolik, the collection has been purchased by a group of Dutch citizens and offered to the municipality of Amsterdam, to be placed in an institution called Athenaeum Illustre, which became later University of Amsterdam.

Museum Vrolik Exhibitroom

Today, the Museum Vrolik includes specimens from other collections, added through more than a century of its existance - the last addition of 150 specimens being as recent as in 1994. At present-day Museum Vrolik has not only a historical and didactical importance. The development of the molecular research gives the specimens of its collection scientific value, no lesser then in the times of its founders.

Visiting Museum Vrolik

A genuinely medical collection, truly incomparable in its kind. The feel is old fashioned, even though located in a modern hall, a bit odd and nearly spooky.

Not suitable for kids.

Museum Vrolik opening hours

Monday - Friday: 10 am - 5 pm

Museum Vrolik tickets

The admission fees are as follows:
Adults: €7.50
Children aged 12 years and under: €3
AMC employees: free admission upon presentation of AMC badge
University of Amsterdam students: free admission upon presentation of university card
AMC patients: free admission upon presentation of hospital wristband

A guided tour costs €50.

How to get to Museum Vrolik

The Museum is located in the Academic Medical Centre in J0 (J-zero), room 130.
By metro:
exit on the station Holendrecht and walk 8 minutes
By bus:
lines 45, 46, 47 (stop AMC), walk 2 minutes
By car:
get to the AMC driving south along A2 direction Utrecht, take an exit AMC and follow the signs; park your car in one of the visitors parking lots, take the corridor on the first floor to the main building (alled level 0) get to any of the AMC receptions located at each entry - you will receive directions how to get to the museum.


Museum Vrolik Academic Medical Center
Meibergdreef 15
1105 AZ   Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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