Bitterzoet in Amsterdam

Bitterzoet has set out to be a stage for underground and subculture bands, DJs, theater collectives and projects. The idea is to have a new happening every night. Checking the agenda you may find such different venues as Afro-Cuban jazz fusion, funk jam sessions, hip hop battles, skateboarding performances, rock nights and house parties. This is also the place where Fun Lovin Criminals made an unofficial late night gig, last time they visited Netherlands on tour.

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The audience at Bitterzoet club is dynamic and young, and knows where to buy the rarest sneakers, where to find the underground venues that counts and which record store that has the best selection of vinyl sampling material.

Bitterzoet itself is a two-story nightclub with grand bar, stage and dance floor on the ground floor, and a chill out bar and theatre podium on top. On top of whatever is happening on stage, Bitterzoet regularly spoils visitors with skilful DJ´s and VJ´s. Entrance fee is modest and the music doesn’t stop until 3 am (4 am on weekends). Don’t be surprised if the entry fee would turn out to cover an hour of free beer or a band logo t-shirt. Bitterzoet is a venue frequently targeted by event marketing efforts, and freebies are of course welcome by the crowd.

If you a picky with the music for your night out, be sure to check their website before choosing this place for the night. Since variety is the keyword here, Friday’s soul theme might turn into Saturday’s house party warming.


From Sunday to Thursday: 20:00-03:00
Friday and Saturday: 20:00-04:00


Bitterzoet in Amsterdam
Spuistraat 2
1012 TS   Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Tel: +31 20 5213001

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