AFAS Live in Amsterdam (former Heineken Music Hall)

Anybody who has been to large arena venues knows that this can be an experience of littered corridors, warm beer and lousy sound. AFAS Live has really made an effort to get away from this. As a tailor-made venue for music, it has earned something of a reputation for delivering well organized, well lit experiences with an astonishing sound.

With a capacity of around 6000 people, AFAS Live is big enough to host concerts for well known names like Beyonce, Radiohead, Keane and Pink, and arguably also small enough to be able to create a warm ambience for less crowded events.

As a visitor you can really appreciate the well planned approach, leading to lesser queuing, quicker bag- and body search, easier access to bathrooms and bar. Having to change bills into plastic tokens to be able to buy a drink is less convenient, though, and a bit of a mood killer.

Concert agenda and online booking of tickets can be found on their website. If you would have the chance to catch that concert you missed out on at home with that favorite artist of yours, a visit to AFAS Live is definitely worth the train ride.

AFAS Live has also a restaurant: Restaurant First. Restaurant First offers 3 course menus and you can book a table there through their website.


Normally doors open at 6:30pm but it depends on event.
Please check concert agenda at their website.


ArenA Boulevard 590
1101 DS   Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Tel: +31 900 6874242

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