Engelse Kerk (Begijnhof)

Het Houten Huis, Begijnhof, AmsterdamEngelse Kerk dates from the end of the 14th century. There had been a chapel in the Begijnhof in 1397 on the north side of the courtyard. An extra piece of land to the south was purchased in 1417 and in the same year the building of a new church began on the site of the present building. Disastrous fires during the 15th century, in 1421 and 1452 heavily damaged the church building.

The church is known as the Engelse Kerk (the English Church). The English title is now the English Reformed Church, perhaps to distinguish it from the Anglican congregation which was founded late in the 17th century and now found in the Groenburgwal.

Sunday worship at 10.30 am.
Visitors are always welcome.
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