web site channels

The web site of features several sections, which we call "channels", for individual different groups of its audience. All kind of visitors will find the information here, whether they look for a hotel, statistical data, business information or news from the local municipality.

    Visit Amsterdam

    Visit Amsterdam is nowadays the primary and the most extensive site channel, and represents what Amsterdam is all about: fun, red ligths, bars, coffeeshops, etc. We also feature our visitors with basic information on Amsterdam, its history, and provide the tips for those who visit the city for the first time. In addition, we bring the great selection of hotels and fine apartments that you can book online.

    Sustainable Tourism

    Is Amsterdam the right place to go if you’re concerned about the environmental impact of your holiday? Absolutely. Find out why Amsterdam was nominated for the European Green City award and see for yourself how you can enjoy Amsterdam without compromising your ecological values.

    Budget Amsterdam

    Amsterdam is definitely not the cheapest place to visit. Here are some useful tips on how to stay, eat and be entertained when you next embark upon Amsterdam on a tight budget.

    Print and take!

    All survival information packed in a single page. This is all you need (except a booked hotel in the season!) when coming to Amsterdam "just like that". The "print and take" section includes emergency telephone numbers, locations of the internet access points, and where to get additional tourist information once at the place. We really and sincerely do not recommend a visit in the high season without a booked hotel. In addidion, you always get the best price when booking through Amsterdam hotels.

    Map of Amsterdam

    Navigation throught a clickable map. This is one of the most detailed maps of Amsterdam on the Internet. We did our best to include every single point that may be of the visitor's interest. At this end just print the map and take with you.


    Welcome to our community, the place where Amsterdamers meet and chat. This is also the place for us, the contributors of the web site, where we meet and share new ideas. We are all young, open-minded and we always seek to meet new friends.


    We extracted here a short introduction on the city administrations: the city council of Amsterdam, policies issued by the municipality and links to official resources.

    Jewish culture

    History, religion and culture of Jews in the Netherlands, museums, historical sites and monuments. Also kosher restaurants and hotels.

    Gay Amsterdam

    A channel dedicated to the gay community in Amsterdam, with a special selection of clubs and hotels.

    Amsterdam coffeeshops

    (Must be at least 18 to visit Coffee Shops in Amsterdam, your home country's laws apply).
    Information about Dutch drug policy, coffee shops, cannabis products and general safety.

    Amsterdam smartshops

    (Alert to some substances, your home country laws apply).
    Community and smart products information, natural drugs and reviews of smart shops in Amsterdam.

    Amsterdam escorts, Sex Clubs

    (This is intended for adult audience, and we limit our responsability for the links provided).
    Professional companions, escort service and massages. Red light district information and related entertainment.