Travel from Brussels to Amsterdam

Many people who visit Brussels can take an advantage of an easy-to-make trip to Amsterdam. While Brussels is a capital of Europe that offers many historical sights and unbeatable gastronomic experience, Amsterdam might be preferred by those who like to party and alternative life styles...

There is a comfortable InterCity train that connects Brussels-Noord station and Amsterdam Central Station, that runs roughtly every hour during the day time. The single ticket is only 33.40 Euros and the journey takes about 2 hours and half. The train goes via Antwerp and The Hague. 

For selected trains it might be possible to buy ticket online, but usually this is not neccessary when you travel from Brussels to Amsterdam. However for the other direction you may consider to buy the ticket in advance, just because the international cashier in Amsterdam's central station may have a considerable queueing times (waiting can take as long as one hour in the tourist season).

Brussels tourist information

Fully informative web site about Brussels, Belgium. Its tourist attractions, transport and much more.

Daytrip from Amsterdam to Brussels

Throughout the entire daytrip through Brussels and Antwerp, you are guaranteed to not only walk away with some superb photos of all the places you have just seen, but with a handful of unforgettable memories.