Amsterdam Cannabis Cup 2011

cannabiscupThe 24th annual Amsterdam Cannabis Cup takes place this year on November 20–24, marking almost a quarter of a century since editor of High Times magazine, Steven Hager, started the event in 1987. The Cannabis Cup 2011 takes the same format as those that have gone before, with experts showcasing their latest strains, celebrity guests and of course music, headlined this year by Cypress Hill.


The Cannabis Cup 2011 Expo takes place in the new venue of Borschland, at Borchlandweg 6–12 in Amsterdam Zuidoost. Experts from Soma Seeds, T.H. Seeds, Barney's, DNA, Big Buddha, Cali Connection and The Greenhouse will be present to talk about cultivation and care of plants. Expert advice from the hosts of the party, High Times, will also be available in the form of resident gurus Danny Danko and Nico Escondido. The Borschland venue can be found just off the A2 motorway, behind Amsterdam ArenA and the Heineken Music Hall. The Cannabis Cup Expo is open every day of the event from noon.

Counterculture Hall of Fame

As always, this year's Amsterdam Cannabis Cup will induct a worthy person into the High Times Counterculture Hall of Fame. This year the event honours a member of the American psychedelic enthusiasts group The Brotherhood of Eternal Love, Johnny Griggs. The Brotherhood was an organisation founded in 1960s San Francisco on the belief that psychedelics were a positive thing to be explored. In addition, Debby Goldsberry, co-founder of the Cannabis Action Network is to be crowned 2011 Freedom Fighter of the Year.

Judges Passes

Of course, one of the most desired ways to take part in the Cannabis Cup 2011 is with a judges' pass that allows you to have your say as to what the best strains of marijuana on offer are. Passes can be bought online for approximately USD 280 and allow holders to mark their impressions of each strain they try to be compiled and used to decide the best strains of the show. Unfortunately, judges' passes do not entitle you to free marijuana or hash, but there are many stalls in the expo offering free samples. Pre-registration for passes will be held on November 18–20 in an as yet undecided location, check the High Times website for details.


As always, the Amsterdam Cannabis Cup coincides with Thanksgiving in the USA, running from November 20–24. The opening night party takes place on Sunday November 20, with Hip Hop artist B.O.B. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday all host parties as well, with different acts playing each and the line up on Wednesday being the longest and most varied. The event finished up on Thursday November 24 with the Cannabis Cup Awards show presenting the results of the competition as voted on by holders of judges' passes. As always, arriving in Amsterdam a few days before the event is a good idea, as is getting to the pre-registration event in order to avoid the long queues that plague the Cannabis Cup as much as any large international event.