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Amsterdam drug laws

The Netherlands, although a signatory to the international conventions about combating drugs, have a tolerant approach to the drug abuse, treating it more as a health matter similar to the alcohol abuse or smoking of the tobacco. The Dutch perceive addictions as much wider issue, pointing to addiction to prescriptions medicines, addiction to to gambling or to the modern video games addiction. The Dutch policy of not to prosecuting the minor drug offences, and not enforcing some the existing laws regarding the sale of small quantities cannabis (marijuana), is unique comparing even to the most tolerant countries in the world.

Smart shops are selling herbal i.e. smart drugs, named because they were supposed to stimulate the mind and improve memory. These include energy substances like Guarana, Cola nut, relaxation stuff like Skullcap, Valerian or aphrodisiacs Muira Puama, Gingko Biloba, among others. (Ephedra is not legal anymore).

Smart shops in Holland are special - they also sell magic mushrooms. In recent years there has been an explosion of smart shops in Amsterdam, many shops are selling mushrooms, vitamins, weed seeds, grown kits, pipes and various souvenires and arts.



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Kokopelli Smartshop in Amsterdam

Kokopelli Smartshop in Amsterdam

Warmoesstraat 12, 1012 JD Amsterdam

This good mood smartshop will make you feel right at home, there are really unique gadgets, magical articles, selection of books and peaceful hang out where you can listen a DJ on weekends.

Magic Mushroom Gallery in Amsterdam

Magic Mushroom Gallery in Amsterdam

Spuistraat 249, 1012 VP Amsterdam

Extensive smart shop with many things on display. From herbal extacies, memory enhancers thru sex stimulators and of course, mushrooms! Lots of gadgets, too.

Azarius Smartshop in Amsterdam

Azarius Smartshop in Amsterdam

Kerkstraat 119, 1017 GE Amsterdam

A smartshop as much an information centre for those interested in alternative lifestyles and exploring consciousness as it is a place to purchase legal highs.

Dreamlounge Smartshop in Amsterdam

Dreamlounge Smartshop in Amsterdam

Kerkstraat 93, 1017 GD Amsterdam

Very cosy and colourful Internet smartshop, acclaims itself the first smartshop in the World. The sky is not the limit for the friendly crew.

Tatanka Smartshop in Amsterdam

Tatanka Smartshop in Amsterdam

Korte Leidsedwartsstraat 151a, 1017 PZ Amsterdam

Smartshop, giftshop, internet. Smart products, wide selection of the best quality mushrooms, and professional advise. Hand made smoking accessories and various souvenirs. Internet in the lounge upstairs.

Night LifeNight Life

This very friendly psychedelic smartshop is just off Damrak street. Information for trance, house music and parties plus funky gifts, party accessories and juggling accessories.
Location: Nieuwendijk 42

Magic Mushroom Gallery

Singel 524 (Flowermarket)


Spuistraat 108

When Nature Calls

Keizersgracht 508

Baba souvenir headshop

Warmoesstraat 47

Smartshop Aura

Kolksteeg 4 Amsterdam

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