Amsterdam Canal Cruise

Treating visiting guests to Amsterdam canal cruise became a tradition that lives on till today. From Winston Crurchill to The Beatles and Nelson Mandela, almost all famous guests have made their acquaintance with the city from the deck of a canal cruise boat. Canal cruises in Amsterdam are now the most popular tourist attraction in the country, with over 3 million passengers a year. For good reason, the city was built to be seen from that perspective.

A diverse fleet of about 200 specialized vessels offer a waterborne variety of almost every form of service and entertainment that's available on shore. Many Amsterdam canal cruise boats are electrically powered. Clean and silent, these boats are ideal for tourists who want to record their cruise on video. No engine noise or tremble will pollute your recordings.

Small Amsterdam boat for rentAmsterdam private boat rental

If you would like to rent a boat privately, instead of sharing the ride in a traditional bus-like canal cruise, there is a great service for that. They offer from small to very large boats for your private event.

Amsterdam Canal Cruise Bus Hop on Hop offHop-on Hop-off Amsterdam Canal Cruise

This is probably the best way of cruising around Amsterdam. You can just sit, watch and listen to the commentary or get out to see the sights and then come back.

Day Amsterdam Canal CruiseDay Amsterdam Canal Cruise

This is Amsterdam canal cruise on large charming boat that guarantees you nice, comfortable and luxurious cruise. You can relax on the boat while enjoying a beautiful view of Amsterdam canals.

Candlelight Amsterdam Canal CruiseRomantic Amsterdam Canal Cruise

Experience romantic Amsterdam canal cruise by candlelight while watching a charming view from the canals. Pretty houseboats, evening lit Amsterdam, canal-side houses and bridges at night.

Amsterdam Boat Cruises Renderij LieveSaloonboot Lieve Amsterdam boat cruise

Small company run by Bert and Elga provides tailored Amsterdam canal cruises on human level. They are not afraid of special requests and deliver professional yet personal service.