Amsterdam canal cruises

The first pleasure cruise in the history of the Amsterdam canals took place in 1621 when Queen Elisabeth Stuart of Bohemia was welcomed into the city in a parade of festively decorated admiralty sloops, with thousands of Amsterdammers cheering on bridges and canal-sides.

Historical canal cruiseTreating visiting royals and other VIP's to a cruise on our canals became a tradition that lives on till today. From Winston Crurchill to the Beatles and Nelson Mandela, almost all our famous guests have made their acquaintance with the city from the deck of a canal cruise boat. No longer exclusive Royal privilege, canal cruises in Amsterdam are now the most popular tourist attraction in the country, with over 3 million passengers a year. For good reason, the city was built to be seen from that perspective.

Canal Cruise Fleet

Today, a diverse fleet of about 200 specialized vessels offer a waterborne variety of almost every form of service and entertainment that's available on shore. Today more than a quarter of all canal cruise boats are electrically powered. Clean and silent, these boats are ideal for tourists who want to record their cruise on video. No engine noise or tremble will pollute their recordings

New in 2015

For the first time in the hundred year history of Amsterdam canal cruising you can buy a ticket for a scheduled cruise on the oldest canals in the city. There was always embarrassment about these canals because they also lead through the center of Amsterdam's Red light district.
But the new 'Friendship' cruise company broke the taboo. With a luxurious scheduled 'Champagne Cruise' departing from the dock of Hotel Krasnapolsky, they offer a fascinating alternative to the 'beaten tracks' of the established cruise companies.'Friendship' operates this new line with electrically powered boats.

Rent Boat AmsterdamCanal, by day and night

An ideal transport along the canals during the day, passing all the highlights of Amsterdam, is the Canal Bus. You can hop on and hop off at the many stops whenever you wish and create your own sightseeing tour in Amsterdam. Buy your tickets online and get a 10% discount!

Canal has a very broad range of evening canal cruises. You can sip delicious cocktails, enjoy a luxurious four course dinner, treat your loved one to a romantic night out or eat your favourite pizza. But don’t forget to take in the surroundings as you cruise through the enchantingly lit canals.

Rent Boat Amsterdam

Dinner Cruise AmsterdamSailing gourmet restaurant

The saloonboat 'Henry Schmitz' is a classic saloonboat in the fleet where a private table can be booked for a gourmet dinner à la carte. Your dinner will be a relaxed and romantic outing in the enchanting setting of the illuminated canals. Certainly the most tasteful way to move around Amsterdam!

Amsterdam Boats:
Private canal cruises

Amsterdam Boats offers private canal cruises through Unesco World Heritage city centre of Amsterdam. They have boats equipped specifically for canal cruises offering guided tours and dinner cruises from 2 to 150 persons. Unique selling points that are well appreciated by their guests.

Dinner Cruise Amsterdam

New audio tour

Blue Boat Company's boats have a unique Personal Audio System, which provide every guest with commentary in their own language. The fictional characters Ron & Nel, two typical Amsterdammers, guide your through their city in this new audio tour. They also have wheelchair access on all boats.

Amsterdam Cruise Operators

Rederij Welvaren
Exclusive cruises with a classic saloonboat, from pubcruise to a deluxe dinner.

Blue Boat Company
Your partner for canal cruises in Amsterdam with daily evening cruises and an à la carte dinner cruise. Also for private luncheon and dinner cruises

Rederij Vlaun
The beautiful antique saloonboat "Old Queen" is the flagship of this company.

Rederij Lieve
Amsterdam´s most beautiful saloon boat is available 7 days a week for private tours with gourmet food and wines.

Saloon boat Hilda
Silent and environmentally clean luxury cruise on first commercial sight-seeing boat in Amsterdam. From drinks to extravagant dinner cruise.

Amsterdamse Jewel Cruises
A la carte dinnerservice on board of a sailing monument, the luxurious classic saloonboat 'Henry Schmitz'.

Amsterdam Boats
Private canal cruises through the Amsterdam canals. Search and find the perfect boat matching your specific needs. Boat company with 6 vessels and agent for another 30 boats in Amsterdam.

Canal Bike
The Canal Bike is the most fun attraction on the canals. While you explore Amsterdam at your own pace or follow a marked out route, you will taste the atmosphere of the city.