Cafe de Jordaan in Amsterdam

If you do not mind some commotion while you sit back and take in the sites, this may be the stop for you. Nicely located just off the Prinsegracht, the Cafe de Jordaan serves up some traditional dishes and drinks, IF they have the supplies.

Unfortunately you never quite know what service you are going to get, or the things you cannot get. No worries, they will be sure to tell you when you try to order it. A word to the wise is to keep a questioning eye on your order. Although the prices are not to be frowned upon, the milk chunks in your coffee can be.

Each time I ride by this cafe I cannot help to notice nice tunes, smiling faces and the laid back wait staff. However, when sitting at one of their street side tables, I find smiling the only way to enjoy all the uncertainties and constant commotion of pedestrian, car and bike traffic around. But if you enjoy watching life pass by, this is a place to go to find a lot of it.

Open 10:00 to 01:00 and on Friday and Saturday until 03:00.


Cafe de Jordaan in Amsterdam
Elandsgracht 45
1016 TN   Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Tel: +31 20 627 5863

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