Amsterdam museums

Amsterdam Museums

There are around seventy five museums in Amsterdam and they are one of major Amsterdam attractions. Alongside the majestic golden age paintings, you'll find exciting modern art, press, film, theater, science, biology or photography museums. Also some interesting exhibits like the Heineken Experience, houseboat, erotic, cannabis or torture museums.

Amsterdam museums for kids

There is an impressive NEMO museum for children in Amsterdam. A hands-on science and technology exhibits housed in the unique, boat-shaped building. Nearby, there is Het Scheepvaartmuseum. The National Maritime Museum of Netherlands. It has a full size replica of a Dutch trading ship docked on a pier. Museums such as the Tropical Museum and Jewish Museum also include children's section.

Discount cards for Amsterdam museums

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Amsterdam museums during holidays

Most Amsterdam museums remain open during Christmas (Christmas day, Boxing day and New Year's day) and Eastern Holidays (with opening hours like on any Sunday and Monday). But pay attention to the festive celebration of the King's Day, when some museums will close. However the most popular museums will remain open even on this day. Some Amsterdam museums might have shortened opening hours during these holidays. To be sure check the museums website for exact timetables. These are just general information.

Amsterdam museum tickets

There is one challenge to the visit of Amsterdam museums. They are often crowded. And you can spend long time in the waiting lines. Since we are sure you don't want to spend your holiday time in a waiting line we recommend to buy your Amsterdam museum tickets online. Tickets bought through this Tiqets service have skip the line attribute. Very useful.


Major Amsterdam museums:

Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Museum Rijksmuseum Collection

One of the largest and most interesting history and art museums in the world. Has a great collection of paintings and objects of material culture, prints and classic photography.

Stedelijk museum in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Museum Stedelijk Collection

One of the world's richest collections of contemporary art. The Stedelijk Museum collection consists of ninety thousand modern paintings, sculptures, photographs, graphics, design objects and video artifacts.

Van Gogh Museum

Amsterdam Museum Van Gogh Painting

World's richest collection of Vincent van Gogh. Also exhibits about the the times when Van Gogh lived.


Anne Frank house

Amsterdam Museum Anne Frank Statue

Where two Jewish families hid from persecution by the Nazis until their betrayal. It is here that Anne Frank, only 15 years old at the moment of her death, wrote her famous diary. You may visit the hiding rooms, but also see an original of the diary and an exhibition about the those times.


Categorized Amsterdam museums:

Amsterdam art museums

Netherlands have a great tradition of art painting with names of the highest magnitude. For example Rembrandt, Vermeer, Van Gogh and Mondrian. Also hundreds of other wonderful artists of lesser fame but often mysterious, fascinating talents. The Amsterdam art museums scene is completed by numerous Amsterdam art galleries. Photography center FOAM is also a popular destination, especialy for young art appreciators.

Amsterdam history museums

Dutch people have a conscience of their history and love of their country tradition. Their historical museums are never dull and in a spectacular way illustrate the intricate and rich character of the nation. The renewed Het Scheepvaartmuseum - The National Maritime Museum is real fun to visit.

Fun museums and exhibits in Amsterdam

While most Amsterdam tourists visit the major museums, there are also exhibits that make an effort to entertain visitors using the formula of an attraction park.

Amsterdam nature museums and zoo

Dutch love nature and the country is the world's biggest exporter of flowers. The botanical garden, one of the oldest in the world, bears still its historical Latin name, Hortus Botanicus and Amsterdam zoo called Artis, small and old fashioned is very pleasant to visit. A number of smaller institutions complete the picture of Amsterdam museums of nature.

Amsterdam technology museums

In Amsterdam, museums of technology have been created mostly for kids. Such as NEMO or Electric tram line museum, but there are also some smaller museums, which continue grow up as private collections. Sometimes really small, set in one room, such as the Computer museum, they document the fascination with quickly changing technology.

Museums and exhibits focused on hobbies, collections and lifestyles

Amsterdam has a tradition of the city of joy and tolerance. Its people like to party, to sing and dance in the public. Tulip craze may have been gone forever centuries ago, but flowers remain an important element of Amsterdam everyday decorum. Last century brought also interests in design and fashion. Amsterdam has become one of the capitals of fashion in Europe. There are a number of museums in Amsterdam that exhibit specific parts of life.