Dinning with a Dutch family

The popular Amsterdam area “De Pijp (the Pipe)” is famous for its small and very long houses built in the end of 19th Century. The houses are as small as a pipe drawer. That is why they think this area is called “The Pijp”.
The big surprises of these houses are the gardens behind the houses, which are often very big and full of beautiful old trees. In one of these houses with a “hidden” garden you can join the family who lives there, for a original Dutch dinner. We Dutchmen are used to eat very early (18.00 hours!) on contrary to other European countries. We really love potatoes (have a look a the famous painting of Vincent van Gogh called “The potato eaters”) and are used to a “strong” meal. We stamp our potatoes and vegetables till there’s a fine mixture of both and we present them with a little hole in the middle with some “jus”(mixture of butter, the fat of the meat and water). We are famous for our green pea soup, which is so thick that a spoon can stand up in it without any help. A Dutch party is not complete without a piece of Gouda Cheese and a “bitterbal” (a little round snack fried and filled with ragout). And every Dutchmen has grown up with a dessert called “vlaflip”! Are you the curious type and you really feel like having a dutch dinner with a real Amsterdam beer and do you want to taste this “Vlaflip” yourselves, reserve a place at our table! Don’t wait to long because full is full. And like a real Dutch saying says “Het is eten wat de pot schaft”.
Family Steijn.

The dinner starts at 18.00 hours.
Reservations: +31-(0)6-488.025.22 between 9.00-12.00 pm
Price € 25,-- p.p. (diner incl. 1 drink)
Open every Friday!!!!