Dine with the Dutch in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a busy city and it is smart to make a restaurant reservation in advance. You can do so through our main Amsterdam restaurants page.

Family Home Dinner for GuestsTo dine with a Dutch family is easy; simply fill in a registry form on the website and Hanneke and Michiel will use their expertise and match you with one of the families according to your interests, requirements and wishes. Anything is possible from a Home Dinner on a houseboat to an evening with a gay couple. Upon booking through the website you will shortly receive a confirmation email with information about your host family and directions to their house.

On your chosen night you may expect to be welcomed into your host family’s home as a guest rather than customer. The rest depends on you, whether you stop for the meal or choose to make a social event of the opportunity. Whatever you decide there is guaranteed to be many laughs and storied to be shared.

Invited Guests for Home DiningDinner for one person costs only 50 euro including tax, children from the age of 4 to 12 are charged 35 euro and children younger than 4 years are free of charge This covers the package which includes a 3-course meal with wine and coffee or tea. Your meal will have been prepared by your host family.

Dine with the Dutch is truly a unique way to experience a new culture and is a highly recommended delight. Your special meal merely compliments a superb evening that will provide excitement for all.



Dine with the Dutch in Amsterdam
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