Restaurant Fifteen in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a busy city and it is smart to make a restaurant reservation in advance. You can do so through our main Amsterdam restaurants page.

The restaurant is divided into sections. Upon entrance is the lounge, furnished with couches, smoking chairs and a book shelf to keep you busy. This is an ideal spot to have a drink from the bar.

You may then without reservation dine a la carte at the trattoria from Sunday to Thursday. These wooden tables and couches are kept free for people walking in wanting a bite to eat.

The main restaurant is however at the back of the hall. Its formal ambience is visible from the white linen adorning the tables. Here you may enjoy a 4 course menu at 42.50 euro created from Pasta and seasonal vegetables. The menu is a combination of starters, a main dish followed by a dessert. The chefs also try to use as much biological ingredients as possible.

During your stay you are served by a waiter allocated to your dining area. They are all distinguished by the large 15 number printed on the back of their t-shirts.

The main feature of Fifteen is indeed their open kitchen. The concept of the restaurant is that 15 disadvantaged youths are taken on as students in their kitchen, and can be identified through their white hats.

The interior design is in line with the theme, bringing street life inside with graffiti on the walls contrasting with the chandeliers hanging from the ceiling.

Fifteen is therefore a restaurant with many personalities, that creates a relaxed and open atmosphere. It does not matter how you dress, or if you have come to dine or simply drink at the bar, the staff welcome you all.

Open 7 days a week from 5:30pm till 1am.


Restaurant Fifteen in Amsterdam
Jollemanhof 9
1019 GW   Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Tel: +31 20 5095015

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