Restaurant Greetje - Greetje's Feast in Amsterdam

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Restaurant Greetje AmsterdamJust a step from the Waterlooplein and the Rembrandts House, you will find the Restaurant Greetje just behind the drawbridge, in a beautiful old neighborhood. The interior is modest and cozy, very much Old Amsterdam. Atmosphere is quiet and relaxed, with a friendly and very attentive service clearly from all over the world, which also gives to this setting a strange harbor like feeling. From some of the tables the view is breathtaking: you see the old canals and the Montelbaans tower. From the beginning, you have the feeling, that you made the right choice of eating there.

Our suggestion is to start with a small glass of Oude Jenever - Dutch smooth gin with the Greetje’s Grote Begin (Big Beginning), a choice of Dutch appetizers, tiny portions of shrimps, local hams and soups.

The main courses are like from a classic Academy Award winning movie “Babette’s Feast” – classic French kitchen, without anything fashionable just standard, good meat, sauces, good vegetables but all that with the local Dutch twist. So you may eat at Greetje Dutch traditional meals as hutspot (hotchpotch), but still have a piece of good meat with the French sauce to it. This mixture of the French and Dutch traditions gives an unexpected and new result. A good selection of local fish dishes completes the menu. It is all very eatable, tasty and fresh.

Good French house wine points to the level of the rest of wine card.

Selection of different sorts of Old Dutch cheese and a desserts to finish. As always, you would have in France very good Crème Brulée, but this time with the homemade ice cream tasting as the Dutch drop - liquorice candy. If you had a Grote Begin, you might try the Grote Finale, a selection of small portions Dutch desserts (for two). Exceptionally good and strong coffee closes the meal (decaf is possible).

Prices are moderated with the main course remaining at the level of € 20 – € 25 and the rest never exceeding the medium low level. As solid and friendly as the whole meal. To recommend.


Tuesday - Sunday: 5 p.m. – 10 p.m. (bar open until 1 a.m.)
Saturday: kitchen until 11 p.m. (bar open until 03 a.m.)


Restaurant Greetje - Greetje's Feast in Amsterdam
Peperstraat 23-25
1011 TJ   Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Tel: +31 20 7797450

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