Restaurant Lieve Belgisch in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a busy city and it is smart to make a restaurant reservation in advance. You can do so through our main Amsterdam restaurants page.

Inside restaurant Lieve are three different dining experiences and thus separate decorum for each. The dining hall is an eclectic collaboration of designs, furniture and colours. The hall is divided into the ‘Living Room,’ ‘Belgian Baroque’ and ‘Gastronomical’ eating quarters.

Though each has the same menu, the difference remains in the presentation of the meal as well as price and ambience. The Living Room menu offers three courses for just 22 euro, whereas the Belgian Baroque serves Tapas for 26.50 euro. However for a full evening program the Gastronomical delights with a five course meal in starter format all for 26 euro. These prices don’t include extras such as bread, salads or friets (chips).

To accompany your meal Lieve have an excellent selection of International wines, red, white and Rose. They also can facilitate a ‘wine arrangement’ whereby for a set price against each meal a single person can drink as much as they wish. Groups above 8 are advised to reserve in advance specifying the experience desired.

Lieve is an exceptional restaurant in the heart of Amsterdam where a multitude of ambiences await to delight you and your choice of company.


Restaurant Lieve Belgisch in Amsterdam
Herengracht 88
1015 BS   Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Tel: +31 20 6249635

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