Restaurant Mayur in Amsterdam

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Mayur Restaurant AmsterdamMayur is not just another Indian Restaurant. Surrounded by the busy streets of Leidseplein, it is a well deserved retreat into a world that closely resembles 'Little India'.

The relaxed atmosphere is created by dim lighting, reasonably spaced tables and soft Indian music. However you might be entertained with live music or Indian dancers on the off chance, that is if you have not booked them yourself!

Mayur captivates you by inviting you to view the Chef preparing your order, through a single plane of glass that is reminiscient of an Indian open street Restaurant. But what distinguishes Mayur is its acclame as the top 5th Restaurant in the Netherlands for hygeine.

Mayur has a set menu from 19:50 euroes, along with a variety of dishes to choose from at reasonable prices. However, if you have a specific budget or dietry need, they will do their best to provide for you.

My order consisted of Mixed Pakora and Vegetable Samosa, followed by the Vegetarian Thalli and finally some Kheer. The food overall was surprisingly not riddled in oil, both starters are deepfried, yet the Samosa was not greasy as I expected.

The Vegetarian Thalli arrived in a tradtion of small metalic dishes arranged to resemble a Mayur; a Peacock which is India's National bird. There were 6 curries on the hot tray, which ensured the food was hot and kept warm whilst I ate.

My favourite was the Paneer Khas Mayur, unique in taste, aroma and texture. I would however reccomend having some chicken prepared in this style, for those who aren't vegetarian.

The portions though small, are adequate for a single hungry person, yet not impossible for two to share. Just ask one of the waiters circulating for some extra rice and paratha if required.

Having survived almost 24 years, Mayur have redecorated its interior to invite customers in. They have thrown out the white linen, so you can feel free to sweat the streets with a backpack or tie, and then retire for an evening of good food, friendly service, and if you are lucky, maybe just a little bit more.

Open 7 days a week 5pm - 11:30pm. Lunch only on request for parties over 10.

Reviewed by Rosina.


Restaurant Mayur in Amsterdam
Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 203
1017 RB   Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Tel: +31 20 6232142

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