Shah Jahan Indian Restaurant in Amsterdam

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Inidan restaurant AmsterdamThis cosy restaurant is furnished with small tables adorned in red and white linen. There is plenty to enjoy during your visit, like the paintings on the wall depicting images of Indian culture. Entertainment alternates from the small television screen playing Bollywood music videos to classic Indian music which plays in the background, softening the mood.

Shah Jahan has a selection of set menus to choose with prices ranging from 15-22 euro. You may equally dine a la carte, choosing from their tandoori or classic curry dishes, all served with rice.

Your meal is elegantly served in metallic baltis or plates that rest on a hot tray at the centre of your table. Portions are quite generous and are thus ideal for sharing. You can always order more than one main/side dish, and enjoy a variety of tastes.

Their kitchen prides itself in making fresh tandoori marinades and curry sauces on a daily basis, with their own assortment of spices.

Shah Jahan is a quaint eatery great for small groups of friends or family to relish a meal and cultural experience within a friendly informal atmosphere.

Open 5 - 12pm.


Shah Jahan Indian Restaurant in Amsterdam
1e Anjeliersdwarsstraat 18
1015 NR   Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Tel: +31 20 6240122

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