Ship Chandler's Warehouse in Amsterdam

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Ship Chanders DiningInside the private diner the owners have maintained its seventeenth century ambience. On display are casks and drawers containing everything a ship needed before setting sail. The dining hall has two rows of elegantly set tables complete with antique candelebras. Ship Chandler's Warehouse can accommodate up to 50 guests at a time.

Chef Viersma has devised three set menus that change every three months according to season. These menus consist of five-course meals which are fresh and simple, costing between 90 and 140 euro inclusive. The menu is available on their website.

This private diner can be reserved for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and is the perfect location for an intimate meal with friends or business meeting with colleagues. Whatever the occasion, staff at Ship Chandler's Warehouse provide you with fine haute cuisine accompanied by excellent service within a luxurious yet historic atmosphere.

Open till midnight. Serves breakfast, lunch or dinner.


Ship Chandler's Warehouse in Amsterdam
Geldersekade 8
1012 BH   Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Tel: 0646 388567

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