Restaurant Sie-Joe in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a busy city and it is smart to make a restaurant reservation in advance. You can do so through our main Amsterdam restaurants page.

This cosy eatery is furnished with small wooden tables and chairs suitable for people dining alone or in a small group. Sie-Joe’s interior and furnishings are designed so that you may sit, eat and go. It is also for this reason they serve no alcohol on their premises.

Their all day menu contains a selection of Bamie (Noodle), Nasi (Rice) and Satay dishes all reasonably priced between 4-8 euro. Bamie and Nasi dishes are quite generous in portion, and are therefore recommended that those with a smaller appetite order Satay Kambling for example, served with peanut sauce and a small helping of sticky rice.

You may equally dine at their kitchen side bar with stools if alone. Whilst seated here you can watch the Chef prepare your meal, which is a much more culturally authentic culinary experience.

For a quick, remarkably priced delicious meal on your travels, Sie-Joe is the most convenient diner for you

Open Monday to Saturday 11am-7pm, Thursday 11am-8pm and Sundays closed.


Restaurant Sie-Joe in Amsterdam
Gravenstraat 24a
1012 NM   Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Tel: +31 20 6241830

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