Indian Restaurant Taj Mahal in Amsterdam

Taj Mahal Indian restaurant, Amsterdam

Inside restaurant Taj Mahal is a cultural experience that awaits you. Their walls are elegantly decorated with traditional paintings, inuding the Taj Mahal among others. The tables are well set exuding a linen free touch of informality within the luxury interior. Through a peep in window you can look inside their kitchen to see the Chef prepare delicacies over the clay oven tandoor.

Their menu consists of various starters, tandoori grills, curries and biryani dishes. They also offer a Taj Mahal Specials menu priced at 25 euro per person. The Chef pays particular attention to the use of specific ingredients with certain dishes. For instance the ‘Goa Fish Curry’ is quite unique in its spices and presentation.

Taj Mahal do their best to create a relaxed environment complimented by the dimmed lights and soft Indian music playing in the background. Only on occasion or upon request at reservation do they convert the centre floor into a stage for a live musical performance. But on a more regular basis they offer an introductory explanation of the Indian cuisine that surprises even the most Indian food lover.

For great food, service at excellent prices, Taj Mahal has an ambience a world away from the hustle and bustle from the streets outside.

Open daily 4 - 11pm.

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