Tjing Tjing Restaurant in Amsterdam

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Tjing Tjing Restaurant InteriorTjing Tjing is a bar/restaurant specialising in South African Dutch food. Its name is derived from the South African tradition of watching the sunset, and is meant to bring awareness to the individual of separating the daily troubles from the night that follows.

This consciousness of living in the 'now' is reflected in the decor of the reception and private room. The walls and ceiling of the reception room create an illusion of the sun rising. Furnished with wooden tables and chairs, the significance of nature runs through the plant arrangement in the window to the animal statues decorating the room.

In contrary, the private room is much darker; the ceiling is lined with fairy lights to resemble a starry night. The room used mainly for groups over 10, is set up like a living room with a sofa and large dining table.

Tjing Tjing's menu offers a variety of meat, fish and vegetarian dishes. The Baboti is a South African curry adapted to reflect a menu that is an international fusion as much as traditional.

Tjing Tjing GardenDespite offering a 2 course menu priced at 11.95 Euro that changes daily, their kitchen is quite flexible catering for vegan, halal and other special diets. Tjing Tjing prides in their diverse range of customers, who are welcome to relax and eat as they wish.

During the summer they cater for weekend Barbecues in their beautiful garden. It is possible for you to visit Tjing Tjing and sit beneath the gazebo and read, whilst enjoying a slice of cake or two.

Whatever you are looking for, Tjing Tjing invites you to leave your daily problems in the past, and enjoy the moment with good food and service, making your stay as comfortable as possible.

Open Tuesday to Sunday 2pm till late.


Tjing Tjing Restaurant in Amsterdam
Cornelies Troostraat 56-58
1072 JH   Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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