Indian Restaurant Vijaya in Amsterdam

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Vijaya AmsterdamWhilst sitting in comfort you can explore the culture arts through the Indian Puppets and Hindu ornaments that are on display. Authenticity is echoed through the hand embroidered mats that hang from either wall. Your experience heightening with Bollywood music playing in the background.

Despite the formal setting of tables adorned with white linen and candle lights, the atmosphere is quite relaxed and casual. You may comfortably dine with your friends, family or partner, within this friendly establishment.

Before ordering your meal, you are curteously offered a basket of Popadoms with condiments, which is a snip of the hospitality you may expect to receive.

The Vijaya menu is quite wide and varied. Alongside the traditional Starters, their meals include Chicken, Lamb, Fish, Prawn and Vegetable Curries, differing in preparation style. Apart from the infamous Madras and Rogan Josh dishes, they offer an alternative 'Achar,' Curry prepared with Indian Pickle.

All meals are served with Rice, Mixed Vegetable Curry, with Salad, a selection of Indian breads are however an additional option. Main meals are of substantial proportion, and cost between 8-17 Euro.

Finally you may sweeten your palate with their range of traditional desserts. 'Patialla' is however a less common, making it an original treat. The Waitresses are very helpful to say the least, and do their best to make sure your needs are met. Though not Indian themselves, they have a vast knowledge of the dishes they serve.

Vijaya prefer you to reserve your table in advance. This may be to your advantage as they often arrange special nights of entertainment, which you can book your visit around.

So for an evening rich in culture, outstanding food and service, Vijaya creates an ambience that entices you upon entrance.

Open daily 16:00-22:30


Indian Restaurant Vijaya in Amsterdam
Geldersekade 23
1011 EJ   Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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