Amsterdam apartments

If you require more privacy then many other forms of accommodation a holiday apartments in Amsterdam are the right choice for you. With your own front door, cooking facilities and private bathroom you get the feel of living in Amsterdam rather than just visiting. There are many apartments in Amsterdam you can stay in. You can choose from agencies that will process your request or we have a list of featured apartments in Amsterdam you can browse through and directly make a reservation via supplied reservation link.

Amsterdam old town apartments

Selection of holiday apartments in Amsterdam for rent around the central square Nieuwmarkt.

Amsterdam houseboat - your Amsterdam apartments on water

Great option of having your own place that sits on canals in the city center. Try that adventurous feeling.

Long stay Apartments

If you are considering to relocate to Amsterdam, or to stay here for 6 months or longer, finding the right Amsterdam apartments is an important aspect for you and if applicable, your partner and family. These long stay apartments are available for a lease starting at 6 months.