Amsterdam car rental

Here you can rent a car from our trusted partner and safely manage your booking online. Popular Amsterdam car rental providers like Hertz, Avis, Sixt and others will be searched. Car can be picked up at the Amsterdam airport Shiphol, Central Station or at any other place in Amsterdam for good low rates and sometimes even with a discount. In order to rent a car in Amsterdam, you will need a valid national or international driver’s license, an identification document (passport or identity card) and a credit card.

Amsterdam car rental tips:

  1. Plan your trip in advance. In most cases it is a lot more expensive torent a car in amsterdam 'at the moment - at the location' in Amsterdam, so secure your budget price booking at least few weeks before your trip.
  2. Make sure you understood what is included in the car rental in Amsterdam especially the insurance inclusions or exclusions, fuel policy, and other possible local charges such as airport Amsterdam car rental surcharge, one way fee, and young driver fee…etc.
  3. Make sure you have all contact detail in a case of emergency. Make sure you inform local Amsterdam supplier in a case of any accident on the road? As per Terms and Conditions, you are obliged to contact local police and request accident report in a case of third party damage.
  4. Read carefully your excess responsibility. Every reservation includes basic Amsterdam car rental insurance for any damage done by the third party. Usually, there is also responsibility in a form of excess for any damage caused by main driver.  You will need to check in Terms and Conditions: is it zero excess car rental in Amsterdam?  What is the amount that will be blocked on your credit card?
  5. It is worth considering purchasing full insurance that will waive excess responsibility in a case of any damage to a vehicle caused by the main driver. This service offers very competitive rates and packages, which, in most cases, are the cheapest option in Amsterdam. In an event of damaging a rental car in Amsterdam you will not be responsible for any excess, so the deposit on your credit card will not be at risk.
  6. If you are planning a trip outside Nederlands, you might need to pay a cross border fee, and some suppliers might have a restriction to take the hire car abroad, so please arrange the cross-border details before you get to the location to avoid disappointment
  7. Please always check you have all required documents such as passport/ID, driving license, credit card, and rental confirmation, and also check the expiry date!
  8. As for the credit card, you also need to make sure it is an embossed credit card, have enough availability to cover the deposit (usually the excess amount plus a tank of fuel), and also check your daily limit on the card and ask for a higher credit limit if necessary
  9. When you get to the pickup location in Amsterdam it is highly recommended to check the car properly if it has any scratches or damages, and mark it properly on the check in documentation. You can always take some photos of the Amsterdam rent car.
  10. Please check the fuel policy carefully and also the fuel level before leaving the rental station.

If you have a full fuel option, make sure you fill the car before drop off as refuelling can be very expensive.  However if you chose to pre-pay for the fuel, you may want to return the car the least amount of fuel possible.

  1. If you want to save some money it might be useful to bring your own GPS navigation or child seat with you as in most cases these extras are rented at a quite high price at the location in Amsterdam, sometimes it can be more expensive than buying a new one.
  2. Upon drop off, check your car again: is the car in the same condition? If so, it is still recommended to take photos of your car upon drop off, for any claim that might arise in the future! Are there any scratches done by you? If so, it is advised to take photos of any damage NOT shown in the check-in report upon pick up, then raise it with your local supplier. If you have your damage excess insurance, you are covered for any unexpected scratches or dents! Otherwise, local supplier has the right to deduct the amount of the damage from you credit card deposit, providing the damage is caused by the main driver or any additional driver under rental agreement!
  3. Needless to mention, any car insurance in Amsterdam or Nederlands is not valid in a case of negligence or breaking the terms of the rental agreement. In the event that the renter has behaved recklessly or negligently or driven under the influence of drugs or alcohol you may be liable for the full cost!