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Amsterdam Airport train to city

These are the train departure times from Schiphol Airport in the direction of Amsterdam Central Station.

For the return trip (from Amsterdam to the airport) please see further below. Updated 08/2011

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam Central Station (Amsterdam Centraal Station):

Night trains Platform
01:00 hour 1-2
02:00 hour 1-2
03:00 hour 1-2
04:00 hour 1-2
05:00 hour 1-2
06:00 hour 1-2

Every hour (between 06:00 and 00:00, minutes past the hour) Platform
:00 hour 1-2
:07 hour 3
:16 hour 1-2
:30 hour 1-2
:37 hour 3
:46 hour 1-2

First trains Platform
05:00 hour 1-2
05:39 hour 1-2
6:00 hour 1-2

Last trains Platform
00:30 hour 1-2
01:02 hour 1-2
2:00 hour 1-2
3:00 hour 1-2
4:00 hour 1-2

Trains with logo "Fyra"
These trains are more expensive, ticket price 4,40 EUR.
no bicycles allowed. They run every 30 minutes between 7:19 and 22:19
Last train Fyra leaves Amsterdam airport at 23:19.
Travel time between the Airport and Central Station is 17 minutes.

Amsterdam Central Station (Centraal Station) to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

These are the train departure times from Amsterdam Central Station in the direction of Schiphol Airport:

Night trains Platform
00:45 hour 14
01:45 hour 8
02:45 hour 8
03:45 hour 8
04:45 hour 8

Every hour (between 4:45 and 0:45, minutes past the hour) Platform
:02 hour 15
:11 hour 14
:29 hour 14
:32 hour 15
:41 hour 14
:59 hour 14

The average journey time from the Airport to Amsterdam or vice versa is about 18 minutes. The fastest intercity connection takes 13 minutes.

Train tickets can be purchased from counters at train stations, ticket vending machines (with coins or ATM/Credit cards) and via the Dutch Railways website at Return tickets are cheaper than one-way tickets, although you should check their validity period – a standard return ticket is only valid on the same day. Weekend return tickets are available which are valid from Friday afternoon to and including Sunday. It is possible to buy travel passes for unlimited travel with trains, buses, trams and metros over a certain period.

Note that the difference between first and second class travel in trains is negligible, although first class could be more comfortable during rush hour, when trains tend to be overcrowded.

There is a hefty fine for travelling on the train without a valid ticket.

Page update 08/2011. These times are based on the information contained on the Dutch Railways (NS) website and are accurate to our best knowledge. However, please note we cannot guarantee these times, as they are being changed by the NS from time to time. For real-time schedules and important travel information, please consult the Dutch Railways website at (you can click for the English version).

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