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Amsterdam has a number of wonderful bookshops, but new books in English are usually quite expensive. bookshop is pleased to offer you a variety of Amsterdam-related books, in association with on-line store, for your convenience.

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Anne Frank
Most people are familiar with the story of a young Jewish girl, Anne Frank and her diary composed as she and her family hid from Nazis for several years in an office building in the heart of Amsterdam.

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- Vincent van Gogh
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- Marijuana
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"City Pick Amsterdam" book
British publisher the Oxygen Books publishes a series of books about the world major cities – interesting anthologies of short excerpts from almost a hundred oeuvres by different writers. “City pick Amsterdam – Perfect gems of city writing” edited by Heather Reyes and Victor Schiferli is a small book which may become your literary guide to Amsterdam, but may also serve as a guidepost to search for more interesting writing about the city and its people.

Red Light District Guide book
Independent e-book by an American expat living in Amsterdam offering tips and advice on visiting prostitutes in Amsterdam's famous Red Light District from someone who has been there before.