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Amsterdam Weather and Climate

Amsterdam Weather and Climate
In Amsterdam, there is no guarantee of good weather any time of the year. Typical weather in Amsterdam ranges from around freezing with in winter, though with little snow, to beautiful sunny days with temperature around 25 degrees Celsius (77 F) in the summer.

Frozen Channels AmsterdamMaritime climate
Amsterdam is only 22 kilometers (14 miles) from the North Sea seashore. Climate is mild, with pleasant not too hot summers, rarely strong winters and no dry season. Amsterdammers will often carry an umbrella even on the hottest of July days, as short summer rain in the morning sometimes precedes the arrival of bright sunshine later. Hot days in Amsterdam are pleasant because of omnipresence of water. Spend your time one a boat with a glass of cold drink an enjoy holiday atmosphere in the city. Some days, especially in winter may be windy with fresh breeze clearing the city air.

Winter attraction - frozen canals
While strong winters are rare, every couple of years Amsterdam canals freeze. It has happened for the last time in February of 2012. The city looks unusual during these days and while skating is one of the Netherlands favorite sports, all people try to spend their free time on ice.

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