Rotterdam - The Hague airport

Rotterdam airport near Amsterdam

The Rotterdam-The Hague Airport is the third biggest airport in the Netherlands. Located in the region of Rotterdam this airport provides daily flights to and from London, Berlin and Hamburg but also a lot of charter flights.

From the Rotterdam-The Hague Airport more than 40 Euopean cities are reachable. Ideally located at 8 km from Rotterdam and 25 km from The Hague, this airport has become the “business airport” of the country. But not only! This airport is also the place where people travel for ski vacations (Chambery), to south of Spain (Malaga, Alicante) or simply for a quick trip in Europe (Roma, Munich, Vienna or even Split).

How to arrive from the Rotterdam-The Hague airport to Amsterdam 

Depending on where you are planning to stay in the Netherlands several shuttle options are opened:

From the Rotterdam-The Hague Airport to Rotterdam: the RET bus, line 33 goes directly to Rotterdam Central within 10 minutes. You can purchase your ticket on board. From the airport you also have access to the metro. From the station Meijersplein you can commute to Rotterdam Central (7 min).

From the Rotterdam-The Hague Airport to The Hague: get on the metro from the airport. The station is called Meijersplein and will take you to The Hague Central within 25 minutes.

From the Rotterdam-The Hague Airport to Amsterdam: If you’re planning to go to Amsterdam Central you will first need to go to Rotterdam Central by either bus or metro and then buy a train ticket at Rotterdam Central to Amsterdam Central Station.

Taxis: No matter where you want to go, you can take a taxi from the Rotterdam-The Hague Airport. Taxis are waiting at the exit of the airport in front of the terminal.

Rotterdam - The Hague airport on the map