Supperclub in Amsterdam

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Photo (c) Restaurant  Supperclub AmsterdamYou are invited into the cool interior of the restaurant, remarkably furnished with couches along either side wall, with cushions to lay down on. There are also tables at the centre floor, where you may choose to dine.

The restaurant itself is divided into upper and lower dining areas, lit with changing aerial lights, creating a hip atmosphere. What is quite profound is that the entire decor of the restaurant is white, representing an empty canvas.

This provides an appropriate spot for the large video projection on the white wall above the kitchen. Every night you can expect to be entertained with a different VJ exhibiting their work, along with an in house DJ playing on the floor.

Supperclub has an extensive wine list yet no written menu. What they offer is an impressive 5 course meal at 65 Euro, but what you are eat remains a mystery until it lands on your table or lap, depending on your choice of seat. Simply inform your waiter of any dietary needs and they will provide for you.

After your meal and a few relaxing drinks you are welcomed downstairs to the club, which kickstarts after 11pm. Here the DJ plays a mix of house and dance music, and there is plenty of room for you to dance and relax in.

Down here you will also find the cloak and restrooms. It is important to note that the restrooms are labeled 'homo' and 'hetero' and are thus free for both ladies and gents to use.

Supperclub is a perfect place to chill with friends over a delectable meal, with the opportunity to pamper yourself with a massage at a small price. So for a night without deciding what to eat, let Supperclub provide for you, so you may enjoy your time and company at ease.

Open daily 8 - 1am and Friday + Saturday till 3am.

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Supperclub in Amsterdam
Singel 460
1017 AW   Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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