Amsterdam canal cruise during daytime

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One of the most known aspect of Amsterdam is its canals. And a canalcruise is a fitting way to see the city streets, people and architecture. You don't get this option in many cities.

Tickets and instructions

You can order your tickets at the Amsterdam canal cruise tickets website.

Ticket is included if you get an Amsterdam city pass. It is a good way to make your visit easier. Look at our comparison of various versions.

You do not have to print your tickets. Showing them from a smartphone is enough.

Canal cruise boats

The canal cruise boats in Amsterdam are large and have many windows. It is possible to open their roofs so in good weather you can enjoy a cabriolet cruise. And in bad weather, which does happen often in Amsterdam, you are warm and dry.

Each seat is equipped with an audio commentary of the route in many languages. You will receive headphones.

The boats are okay and functional for the cruise. But it does resemble a mass transport product. If you would like a more deluxe experience then look at our deluxe cruises on the main canal cruise page.

Details of the canal cruise

The meeting is at the central station and you will receive a small map of the area so you can find it easily.

The ride lasts for one hour.

Starts at the medieval old town and passes around the old port, trade ship replica, Golden age part of town, Anne Frank House, Westerkerk, under the Skinny Bridge and much more in between.