Zaanse Schans windmills tour

Zaanse Schans windmillsNorth Holland is one of the most integral parts of the country itself and is rich in culture, history and a natural beauty unlike any other. From the coastal shores lined with breathtaking sceneries to the inviting small villages with windmills that make up the lands, this is one place that many say is their favorite throughout the many regions. Whether you are in interested in the arts, a variety of distinctive music or simply love to meet friendly locals who have long called this part of the Netherlands their home, you will get to see, explore and experience an entirely new world while visiting all three towns and villages of Volendam, Marken and Zaanse Schans while in Holland.

The countryside surrounding Amsterdam is a great place to visit. There is so much to see that we advice to take a guided tour which includes a visit to Edam, Zaanse Schans, Volendam, to a clog maker and many windmills along the way. We advice to make your booking in advance because the tours are sold quickly.

This tour will visit Zaanse Schans and all the highlights on the countryside outside Amsterdam at once: Volendam, Edam and the Zaanse Schans. A live guide will join you and tell you all about the history and culture of these traditional pitoresque Dutch villages.


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Beginning with a journey through the beautiful and famous Zaanse Schans windmills, you will be able to step foot into a picturesque UNESCO-listed village that is full of wonder at nearly every turn. During the Zaanse Schans windmills tour, you will be able to wander about the village itself, visit a cheese farm where it is still to this day made in a traditional way and get the chance to almost step back in time to a place that is full of history and culture unlike any other.

Zaanse Schans windmillsNext stop is Volendam excursion through this famous fishing village, where there will be a time set aside for a delicious lunch at a fish restaurant. You will be able to see how life is lived here and get an idea for what makes this place so incredibly special.

Hop on a boat where you will head to the last stop on the Zaanse Schans windmills tour, Marken. Walk around the picturesque and very historical village and even get to visit a local traditional clog maker! Though it will be the end of your journey, you will surely leave with memories of Holland that will last for years to come.