Amsterdam Newspapers

There is a large number of Amsterdam newspapers available in the city for those who wish to catch up with the latest Amsterdam news. The majority of publications are in Dutch and deal with international issues as well as domestic affairs, but those with a working knowledge of the language may find them enlightening. The best places to buy  Dutch newspapers are of course in newsagents such as the AKO branches found in almost every train station or supermarkets such as Albert Heijn, but bookshops and kiosks also stock them and bars and cafés often have a selection of papers for customers to read. There are also a number of free newspapers aimed at commuters that can be picked up from various stands, mostly near public transportation.

Het Parool

Perhaps the most recognisable Dutch newspaper, Het Parool is a national daily paper printed in Dutch that covers a wide variety of news stories. News, culture and economic sections can be found as well as the ever present sports pages. Het Parool was originally founded during the Second World War as a resistance paper and its name translates roughly as 'The Password'.

De Telegraaf

The largest of the Dutch daily newspapers, De Telegraaf is a national daily broadsheet similar in style to The Times that can be found in London and New York. Topics covered range from the lighter entertainment and sports articles to serious financial issues and analysis.

De Trouw

Another daily national newspaper printed in Dutch, De Trouw has its origins in The Second World War, similar to Het Parool. The names translates into English as 'loyalty' and the paper has stated its aim as providing a moral publication rooted in Christian tradition. De Trouw is often viewed as a politically conservative paper in comparison to its more liberal competitors.

De Volkskrant

This centre-left daily paper has its origins in broadsheet format, although it is now presented in a more compact form, similar to tabloids. Founded in 1919, the paper has moved away from its beginnings as a Catholic paper and now represents the voice of the Left in Dutch newspapers.

De Groene Amsterdammer

A local Amsterdam newspaper, De Groene Amsterdammer (The Green Amsterdammer) is a weekly publication in Dutch that is distributed throughout the country and regarded as one of the most influential publications in the Netherlands. Similar to De Volkskrant, this is often regarded as rather a leftist paper.


This free newspaper, published by the same group as De Telegraaf, is distributed to train commuters and is one of a number of such publications in Amsterdam. The paper is in Dutch and follows a tabloid format with some hard news mixed in. Spits means pointed or sharp in Dutch.


As the name suggests, this publication is one of the free Amsterdam newspapers aimed at commuters on the city's underground and bus network. Published by a Swedish media company based in Luxembourg, the Amsterdam Metro publication is part of an international network of similar papers found in cities throughout Europe.

De Pers

Translated into English, De Pers means simply 'The Press' and this publication is another free newspaper distributed throughout Amsterdam since 2007. Content is in Dutch and similar in style to its major competitors, Metro and Sp!ts.

The Holland Times

Perhaps the only major Dutch newspaper in English, The Holland Times is a monthly publication distributed freely in English language bookshops such as the American Book Center in Amsterdam as well as a number of other locations here and in other cities like Den Haag and Maastricht. The Holland Times covers national news stories and economic news as well as cultural events, sports and features.