Dutch courses in Amsterdam

Although Amsterdam is a cosmopolitan city which is home to people from around the world and most people, including native Dutch residents, speak English as a second language, students might want to familiarise themselves with the Dutch language to feel more like insiders, either for meeting Dutch people or for getting by in everyday situations.

Study Dutch in Amsterdam

Mercuur Taal - Dutch for Foreigners at a reasonable price!

Mercuur Taal offers inspiring Dutch classes in the Amsterdam area. Private lessons, group courses and company courses. In our school in the centre of Amsterdam, or at your office or home. Learn Dutch, because you don't want to feel like a tourist in the Netherlands!
Address: Eerste Weteringplantsoen 2 C (close to the Heineken Brewery)
Tel.: 0031-(0)20-6934250
Email: info@mercuurtaal.nl

Why bother learning Dutch?

Nearly everyone speaks English in the big cities in the Netherlands. Furthermore, Dutch is quite difficult, with strange sounds that hurt your throat. So why should you invest your time and money in learning this complicated language?

One of the reasons why expats like living in the Netherlands, is the fact that they can communicate in English. Ask Dutch people if they speak English, and you will probably get the answer: 'a little bit'. But soon you will find out they are nearly fluent.

So it is absolutely possible to survive in the Netherlands without speaking any Dutch. But if you don't want to feel like a tourist, you should try to learn some Dutch. Don't you feel awkward when a group of Dutch people are speaking English just because of you? The Dutch will appreciate it if you try to speak the language (although they will most likely reply in English if they hear an accent). And wouldn't it be fun to understand your Dutch colleagues when they are gossiping during lunch break?

This is how Kit, a 27 year old UK citizen living in Amsterdam, puts it: Don't believe the old claim that 'learning Dutch is pointless, as everyone speaks English anyway'; if you're resident in Holland for any length of time, a Dutch course can make a serious difference to your appreciation and enjoyment of the country. I highly recommend it.

So it is worth putting some effort in learning Dutch.

    Here's some 'Survival Dutch' to start with:
  • Spreekt u Engels? (Do you speak English?)
  • Waar is de WC? / het toilet? (Where is the bathroom?)
  • Mag ik u iets vragen? (May I ask you something?)
  • Ik kom uit de Verenigde Staten. (I come from the United States.)
  • Ik woon in Amsterdam. (I live in Amsterdam.)
  • Kunt u dat herhalen? (Could you repeat that?)
  • Wat kost dat? (How much does that cost?)
  • Wil je iets drinken? (Do you want to drink something?)
  • Mag ik een biertje? (Can I have a beer?)

Eduard Verbree, Dutch language teacher at Mercuur Taal.

Do you want to learn more Dutch? Take a language course at one of the schools in Amsterdam. We recommend the Mercuur Taal language school mentioned above, however below is an overview of some other institutions providing Dutch lessons. Prices, duration of the courses and quality of the courses vary, however, they are nevertheless all helpful for acquiring the native language of the Dutch.

Koentact Dutch Courses for Expats
Koentact Language School offers private courses and group courses. Group courses take place in the evening or morning.The Koentact teachers are professional and energetic and they focus on a practical approach towards learning Dutch. Koentact is famous for its Field Trips (e.g. Market visit, Scavenger Hunt, Bootcamp). An Open Day takes place every six weeks where students can check their level of Dutch and participate in a free Dutch trial lesson. Furthermore, Koentact organizes the free Amsterdam Language Cafe where internationals can meet new people and practice their foreign language skills.
Adress: Elandsgracht 70 (Jordaan area),1016TX Amsterdam
Tel: +31 (0)20 737 16 16
E-mail: info@koentact.nl

Beatrice Taleninstituut
offers Dutch and Spanish courses at all levels from beginners up to NT2 exam preparation and advanced conversation courses. Small groups or private, quick results and very experienced and higly skilled teacher who believes in a personal approach.
Valkenburgerstraat 188E
1011NC Amsterdam
Email: mail@beatricetaleninstituut.nl

Dutch Courses Amsterdam
Quality Dutch courses at all study levels for Expats, Students and World Travelers! Good grammar, useful conversational Dutch in friendly & relaxed atmosphere. Small groups, experienced and motivating teachers - everything you need to start your Dutch language journey or take it to a higher level. We offer both Intensive (day-time) and Extensive (evening) courses as well as private/skype tutoring. Get in contact for further information:
Address: Postjesweg 57, 1057 DW Amsterdam
Telephone: +0031-(0)6-54992219

Language school that teaches you how to speak, read and write Dutch in small groups (maximum number of participants is 9). Exploring all kinds of interesting subjects and current topics you will gain command of the Dutch language in a light-hearted way. On top you will learn a lot about life in the Netherlands. This school offers 10-week courses 3 hours per week on 2 different levels beginner and advanced.  All students can take an exam and they receive a certificate of completion. The lessons take place during the day or in the evening and are given throughout the year, except during the (primary) school holidays. Students can join a course at their own level, after a trial lesson, at any time of year. Special courses are developed for au pairs and expats. Courses take place at:
Molenpad, Prinseneiland and Kerkstraat. For more information:
Tel. 0235444489 / 0613913516

UvA Talen - the academic language centre
Offers a variety of group courses, ranging from one-week full-immersion courses (starting at breakfast and continuing till late at night) and four-week intensive courses, to weekly or twice-weekly evening courses.
Register on-line and complete your assessment from the comfort of your own home or office! Our courses are taught by native speakers who are used to teaching both international students and expats from around the globe.
Completing a course at UvA Talen earns you a certificate at an internationally-recognized language level.
UvA Talen B.V., Roetersstraat 25, NL-1018 WB Amsterdam

Instituut Nederlands als Tweede Taal (INTT)
This is without doubt the leading institute for Dutch courses in Holland. It is part of the Universiteit van Amsterdam and many of the teachers here develop the top Dutch language learning books and aid materials available in Holland. The courses have 6 levels, from Absolute beginners to Advanced, and they are organised either as extensive courses with a duration of 6 weeks with lessons á 3 hours twice a week, or intensive courses taking place twice a year for 4 weeks with daily lessons. The materials include multi-media learning systems and textbooks developed by the staff themselves. Students of the UvA get a substantial discount from the course price.
Spuistraat 134 (P.C. Hoofthuis), room 405, 1012 VB Amsterdam
Tel.: 0031205254642
Email: intt@uva.nl, website: www.intt.uva.nl

Volksuniversiteit Amsterdam
Many foreigners participate in Dutch courses at this open university. They offer courses that last 12 weeks, either 2 hours or 2.5 hours per week. The Beginners’ course has 3 levels, in addition to which there are a 3-level Intermediate course and a 2-level Advanced course. Separate Conversation, Grammar and NT2 State-exam Preparatory courses are also offered. Students are placed at appropriate levels after an introductory interview. Courses take place at various locations.
Volksuniversiteit Amsterdam
Rapenburgerstraat 73, 1011 VK Amsterdam
Tel.: 0031206261626
Email: secretariaat@volksuniversiteitamsterdam.nl,
website: www.volksuniversiteitamsterdam.nl

Joke Smit College
The College offers both extensive and intensive courses in Dutch, along with communicative training, preparation for the State Exam in Dutch as a Second Language (NT2), and more. Courses have varying duration.
The College operates in 4 locations:
1) Zocherstraat 23, 1054 LR Amsterdam
Tel.: 0031205891310
Fax: 0031205891335
2) Van Ostadestraat 103, 1072 ST Amsterdam
Tel.: 0031203059455
3) Elisabeth Wolffstraat 50, 1053 TV Amsterdam
Tel.: 0031206850511
4) Dubbelink 3, 1102 AL, Amsterdam
Tel.: 0031206998078

Elycio Talen
This school offers 10-week courses 2 hours per week on 5 different levels (Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert). Groups of 4-8 people are compiled according to entrance tests. After successful completion of a course, students can take an exam if they wish to receive a certificate of completion.
Elycio Talen
Entrada 151, 1096 EC Amsterdam
Tel.: 0031204160788
Fax: 0031206952503
Email: info@elyciotalen.nl, website: www.elyciotalen.nl/english/

KIT- Royal Tropical Institute Language Courses
The Institute for Languages of the Royal Tropical Institute offers also Dutch courses, among courses of other languages. The courses stress knowledge of everyday and business communication and are either in the form of Essentials, Advanced, or Academic.
KIT Institute for Languages (ITA)
Linnaeusstraat 35 F, 1093 EE Amsterdam
Tel.: 0031205688319
Email: languages@kit.nl, website: www.ita-talen.nl

The School for Dutch
This school offers courses at all levels, both intensive and extensive, and also one-to-one courses. The materials used provide students woth skills for everyday conversations and include dialogues, music and excerpts of everyday situations.
The School of Dutch
Weteringschans 74, 1017 XR Amsterdam
Tel.: 0031206634380
Fax: 0031204281705
Email: information@learndutch.com, website: www.learndutch.com

Easy Dutch Plus
EDP has both group courses and individual courses and offers the possibility of combining the two variants. There are both intensive and extensve courses. Groups consist of 4-8 people.
Easy Dutch Plus
Leidsestraat 32, 1017 PB Amsterdam
Tel.: 0031204221906
Website: www.easydutchplus.com

British Language Training Centre (BLTC)
This Centre also offers Dutch for foreigners, mainly expats. There are extensive and intensive group and individual courses either at the centre or in-company. Courses start each January, May and September.
Oxford House, Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 328 E, 1012 RW Amsterdam
Tel.: 0031206223634
Fax: 0031206264962
Email: bltc@bltc.nl, website: www.bltc.nl/en

There are also institutes which teach Dutch specifically for foreigners who are native speakers of a specific language:

Goethe Institut
(For native German-speakers)
Herengracht 470, 1017 CA Amsterdam
Tel.: 0031206230421
Fax: 0031206384631
Email: info@amsterdam.goethe.org ,website: http://www.goethe.de/ins/nl/ams/

Istituto Italiano di Cultura
(For native Italians)
Keizersgracht 564, 1017 EM Amsterdam
Tel.: 0031206387411
Fax: 0031206383596
Email: info@italcult.demon.nl, website: www.italcult.demon.nl

Studio PI Voor Beweging en Taal
(Specialised in Japanese people)
1e Jan van der Heijdenstraat 104, 1072 VA Amsterdam
Tel.: 0031206751763
Fax: 0031206751763

Other schools offering Dutch courses in Amsterdam:

Dutch & Such
Nieuwe Kerkstraat 1
1018 DW Amsterdam
Phone: +31(0)6-42272974
Email: dutchandsuch@me.com

Language Express
Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 336-II, 1012 RW Amsterdam
Tel.: 0031204284478
Mob.: 0031628245082
Email: language.express@worldonline.nl

Berlitz Schools of Languages B.V.
Rokin 87, 1012 KL Amsterdam
Tel: 0031206221375
Fax: 0031206203959

Dutch for Foreigners
Nicolaas Anslijnstraat 103, 1068 WT Amsterdam
Tel: 0031206101230

Language Partners
We offer tailor-made language courses for business and government.
Also open group courses (4-8p) of 30 hours: € 895.00 per person.
Dam 27 (6e etage), 1012 JS AMSTERDAM
+31 (0) 20 685 2991

Foreign Affairs Communicatie- en Taaltrainingen B.V.
Kingsfordweg 151, 1043 GR Amsterdam
Tel.: 0031204919668
Fax: 0031204919090
Email: info@foreignaffairs.nl

Admiralengracht 23 (3), 1057 EL Amsterdam
Mob: 0031614715372
Email: info@glossa.nl

Havikshorst 30, 1083 TT Amsterdam
Tel.: 0031204233917
Fax: 0031206123001
Email: katakura@ision.nl

Language Solution
Vinkenstraat 79, 1013 JM Amsterdam, or
Pieter de Hoochstraat 18/1, 1071 EE Amsterdam
Tel.: 0031204223122
Email: info@languagesolution.net

Linguarama Nederland
Kantoorgebouw Tellygate, Arlandaweg 16, 1043 EW Amsterdam
Tel.: 0031204280528
Fax: 0031204280628
Email: amsterdam@nl.linguarama.com

Nieuwe Herengracht 145, 1011 SG Amsterdam
Tel.: 0031206243510
Email: info@nedles.nl

Speaking Dutch/Sprekend Nederlands
Frederik Hendrikplantsoen 78 (2), 1052 XW Amsterdam
Tel.: 0206860963
Email: lgoemans@freeler.nl

TAAL Den Hartog & Zevenbergen
WG plein 566
+31 (0)20 6851562

Talent Taaltrainingen NL
Lepelstraat 2a-II, 1018 XL Amsterdam
Tel: 0031204206659
Mob: 0031624946552
Email: info@talent-tn.nl

Vrisekoop Talen BV
Van Tuyll van Serooskerkenplein 27, 1076 LZ Amsterdam
Tel.: 0031206622662
Fax: 0031206734050
Email : info@vtalen.nl