West Amsterdam Restaurants

De Foodhallen

Indoor food market, Bellamyplein 51
De Foodhallen, or De Hallen, is an indoor food market situated in the vibrant West district. In the hall there are many stands with culinary bites, drinks and snacks. The monument was built in the twenties and housed the first electric trams. Nowadays it's a hotspot for drinks and food for people of every age. Try a 'bitterbal' at the Ballenbar, typical Dutch fingerfood.

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Asian Cuisine, Bilderdijkstraat 158HS
This Asian West-Amsterdam restaurant is owned by a Dutch television-chef and serves the best from Asia. The menu is big, offering a mix of sweet, sour and salty bites. You can have dinner at high tables or low tables. Please specify if you make reservations. The interior is very colourful and Asian umbrella's hang from the walls and ceiling. The restaurant is very popular: another one opened in the eastern district of Amsterdam


Italian Cuisine, Bellamyplein
Next to the De Hallen you find Spaghetteria. As the name suggests it only serves pasta. The menu is not big, but offers meat, fish and vegetarian options. For dessert you can have tiramisu or scroppino. Not expensive, and very popular among young couples and students. There are more locations of Spaghetteria in de Pijp, East and the citycenter.


Casual dining/cafe, Eerste Constantijn Huygenstraat 45
This café is very popular among inhabitants of the Western district of Amsterdam. You can go there for drinks before dinner, dinner and a late night drink. The menu is simple, offering burgers, pizza and other easy bites. While waiting for your food you can play a board game.

Van 't Spit

Chicken Dishes, De Clercqstraat 95
The perfect place if you feel like juicy chicken, freshly cut French fries and beers. The West-Amsterdam restaurant is so popular that there are multiple locations. You eat at robust wooden tables in a relaxed atmosphere. It is not possible to make a reservation, but you can wait at the bar while sipping a drink.