Chinese cuisine restaurants in Amsterdam

Being so close to Chinatown, some of the best Amsterdam Chinese restaurants can be found in and around the busy market square of Nieuwmarkt. From high quality dining establishments to cheap and cheerful restaurants where you can grab a quick bite or some take out, this is the place to be for Chinese food in Amsterdam.

High End Restaurants

Found almost directly across from the Buddhist temple at Zeedijk 115–117, New King is a high end restaurant perfectly suited to a date or a business meeting. The dark wood and glass interior gives an ambience of hushed luxury and the food, while slightly more expensive than in other Amsterdam Chinese restaurants, is of good quality and comes in large portions.

Located about half way between Nieuwmarkt and Dam Square at Oude Doelenstraat 1 is the large Golden Chopsticks restaurant. This three floor corner restaurant is hard to miss from the large yellow sign adorning its side and is another good choice for business meetings. The restaurant's large size also means that it is suitable for large groups, but be sure to reserve in advance. On the opposite side of Nieuwmarkt, close to the Amsterdam public library, is the unique Sea Palace at Oosterdokseiland 8, Amsterdam's famous floating Chinese restaurant. This restaurant is hard to miss and offers one of the most interesting dining experiences in the city, but the prices can be a bit steep.

Mid Level Restaurants

Most Chinese restaurants in  Amsterdam can be classified as mid level. The prices are not too expensive, the interior is not beautifully decorated, but the real test of quality comes down to the food. Nam Kee is a family operated chain of restaurants found in and around Chinatown and Nieuwmarkt, with a location at Zeedijk 111 and one on the square itself at Gelderskade 117. While the service here may not be the friendliest you will ever experience, the restaurants remain popular because of their excellent food and reasonable prices.

Hoi Tin, found between Nieuwmarkt and the Buddhist temple at Zeedijk 122–124 may not be much to look at, but is a good reliable restaurant for western style Chinese food. While many western favourites such as Sweet and Sour Pork Balls can be found here, Hoi Tin bills itself as "The Place Where the Chinese Eat", and there are also a lot of more traditional Chinese meals on the menu. Another Amsterdam Chinese restaurant worth mentioning is Kam Kee at Zeedijk 103. The restaurant's menu is wide ranging and available in English for tourists. Be sure to bring cash however, as payment by card is not accepted.

Low Price Restaurants

While most Chinese restaurants in Amsterdam fall within a very similar price range, one which is not too hard on the wallet but not cheap either, sometimes you want something fast and cheap. If this is the case for you in and around Nieuwmarkt, Dim Sum Court at Zeedijk 109 might be worth a visit. Don't expect great atmosphere, service or even high quality food, but the draw here is an all you can eat offer for EUR 8.50.