Small open boat Amsterdam canal cruise

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If the weather is nice, these Amsterdam canal cruises are a stronger experience.

Regular canal cruise vs. open boat

The regular Amsterdam canal cruises boats are usually nice. And might be enough. But they do not open their top completely even in sunny weather. Some roof panels can be opened and some windows can be opened. But most of the boat body is still closed. Which is desirable in cold or wet weather. But in sunny weather doesn't feel right.

The open boat cruises have boats that are opened much more and the whole top of the boat is not there. This leaves you open to the elements and the city. You feel less separated from the city. It might be a stronger, more adventurous experience.

Larger vs smaller open boat canal cruise

These small open boat cruises are good for people who would like a more social cruise. The seats are close together and are arranged in a circle. So most passengers can and even have to interact with each other. And also with the crew. This might be likable for some but might be too much for others. Especially if you consider that you never know who will travel with you.

Tickets and instructions

You can order your tickets at the Amsterdam canal cruise tickets website.

Ticket is included if you get an Amsterdam city pass. It is a good way to make your visit easier. Look at our comparison of various versions.

You do not have to print your tickets. Showing them from a smartphone is enough.

Live guide

This ride has a guide person that will describe the route and your surroundings in English language.

Where and when

  • The boats depart from the canal that is in front of the Central Station in Amsterdam.
  • The canal ride lasts for one hour.
  • Departure is every 15 minutes from 11:00 to 18:00. You must book your time.


It is possible to purchase drinks during the canal cruise. They are not included in the price of the ticket.