Amsterdam Holland Pass

Amsterdam Holland Pass CardAmsterdam Holland Pass or just Holland Pass for short, offers free tickets and discounts on admission to over 100 museum and tourist attractions in Amsterdam and major cities of the Netherlands. You may purchase the Amsterdam Holland Pass via their website. Upon the purchase of the card, you receive a guide to Amsterdam and the Netherlands and several free tickets to major museums and attractions. As some of these attractions are rather expensive, Amsterdam Holland Pass is an attractive possibility of making savings especially if you are in Amsterdam only for a short visit and you plan to visit major museums as the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum or Stedelijk Museum.

Free tickets to major museums

Holland Pass is available in three price categories – Pass 2 (with two free tickets only, Small) costs € 38, Pass 5 (with five free tickets, Medium) - € 55, and Pass 7 (with seven free tickets, Large) - € 75, as well as Holland Pass Kids is € 39 (5 free tickets for kids age 3 - 13). At first, the system seems complicated as the free tickets giving you free admission bear different icons and not all free tickets are exchangeable into all attractions of your choice. Nevertheless, in reality it is all very simple: with the Amsterdam Holland Pass comes a nice full colour handy guide of Amsterdam and the Netherlands, where each page brings information about a museum or a major attraction marked with an icon, which has to match the icon on your free ticket. But be careful - only one so called Gold Ticket coming with each Amsterdam Holland Pass is valid at the Rijksmuseum. Do not use it at another attraction. The Rijksmuseum ticket has been clearly marked at the back.

Amsterdam Holland Pass PackageReal savings

As always with discount cards, you may quickly notice that you do not need so much rebate, as you are not going to visit hundred museums. However, when you observe that one Holland Pass free ticket gives you free admission to the Rijksmuseum (adult admission is € 17,50) or Madame Tussauds (adult admission is € 22) even without counting, you may realize that Holland Pass offers its holder some real savings.
The pass and free tickets are valid for several months with a big flexibility of deciding how and when you will use them. You may not use your free tickets for admission of more than one person – each benefiting person should be the Amsterdam Holland Pass holder.

Skip the line

In several museums (including Gogh Museum and Madame Tussauds) Amsterdam Holland Pass holders may jump the queue and enter directly the museum. Especially during the tourist season, this Amsterdam Holland Pass feature is of great value.

Free public transport

Amsterdam Holland Pass assures you 24 hours free public transport in Amsterdam, which is a handy way to start your stay in the city, before you are able to purchase the public transport chip card. A special public transport Blue ticket goes with all types of Amsterdam Holland Pass. Before using this feature, you are requested to exchange this ticket for GVB Day Chip Card (value € 7.50) at the GVB (public transport) or GWK Travelex (money services) office.

More discount

Have you used all your free admission tickets? When your free tickets are gone, Amsterdam Holland Pass still offers you between 10 and 50 % on admission to all more important museums and tourist attractions.

Our advice

Amsterdam Holland Pass gives a visitor a real advantage. This is not some block solution forcing you to consume. You may buy your Amsterdam Holland Pass on-line, collect the card at the airport terminal upon landing and directly use it for a free transfer to Amsterdam. In the days after, you may visit several museums skipping the long lines of people waiting for tickets. You may also visit Den Haag with its splendid Mauritshuis or if you travel with kids go to Madurodam. You might visit Haarlem and see Frans Hals Museum. A unique place to visit is Keukenhof in Lisse – a park open uniquely in spring with more than seven million flowers blossoming (until May 20).
If you arrive to Amsterdam for a short stay of couple of days, we recommend the pass with 7 free tickets. Your intention will be to see as much as possible and even if you will not have time to use some of the free tickets, only the free admission to a few major museums will bring you some real savings. Depending on the type of Amsterdam Holland Pass card, you will save between 30% and 50% on costs of your stay. Read carefully the guide to decide what is the most interesting plan for your visit.

GWK Travelex desk – your place to collect the Amsterdam Holland Pass

You may purchase the Amsterdam Holland Pass via their website, print out at home the proof of purchase and collect your card at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport terminal at the GWK Travelex desk. You will be able to use your free transfer to the city or use 24 hours of the public transport in Amsterdam option immediately upon the arrival. Another possibility is having sent Amsterdam Holland Pass to you by post (small postage fee will be added).

GWK Travelex is a currency exchange services company, active all over the world, probably the best place to buy euros if you visit the Netherlands but arriving from a country, which is still using Pounds, Rubles or US Dollars. With Amsterdam Holland Pass, there will be no commission on your exchange.
GWK Travelex has eight branches in Amsterdam (including Schiphol Amsterdam Airport and railway Central Station), as well as desks at Rotterdam Airport and in the city centers of The Hague and Rotterdam


telephone: +31 - 20 - 419 32 20
fax: + 31 - 20 - 419 04 63

Please note:
Especially for visiting museums in Amsterdam and in all the Netherlands, there are two other cards available: The Museum Card and I Amsterdam Card which also gives several other discounts for Amsterdam visitors.