Luggage Lockers at Amsterdam Central Station

Walkhall to LockersThe luggage lockers (Dutch: bagagekluizen) on the Central Station are in the East wing of the station (right side of the building looking from the city centre), in a separate area open daily 5am to 1am.

Convenient but not cheap

There is also a cheaper luggage storage option. An independent company 5 minutes from the central station building. Check the link above.

The lockers at central station are in two sizes - the bigger is 35 inch (90 cm) deep, 23 inch (60 cm high) and 15 inch (40 cm) wide. The rates for a small locker are: Euro 5.10 for the first 24 hours; 24 hours to 72 hours: add 7.25 for each 24 hours; each additional 24 hours: add 9.55 for each 24 hours following. For a full maximum period of 9 days of the storage in the smaller locker you will pay the total of  Euro 96,90. You pay the surcharge when you pick up the luggage.

The bigger locker is more expensive, with first 24 hours at Euro 7.95, second and third 24 hours add 12.30 for each period, 4th until 9 period of 24 hours priced at 14.60 and the grand total for 9 days at Euro 120,60.

You place your luggage in a selected locker, get a special ticket in a vending machine (accepting major credit cards) and close the locket. Memorize the number of your locket. Do not lose the ticket as it will cost you an extra fee of Euro 10.

Amsterdam Central Station LockersMaximum period of 9 days

The maximum rental period is 9 days. After this period, the luggage is removed and sent to the Central Lost Property Office in Utrecht. To collect it one has to travel there. There is a charge of 70 Euros for collecting the luggage removed from the locker plus the full storage fee for 9 days.

Our advice is to use this storage facility for a day or two. It is convenient because there is always a service person there to help you out in case of ay problem with a locker or paying machine. For a longer period if you decide to travel in the Netherlands we advice you to arrange the storage of your luggage at the hotel you stayed. Most of hotels have a special luggage room for their guests.